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Bath, Somerset  United Kingdom http://www.youtube.com/c/frankmalcolmkembery Joined April 2005
Artistic Hip-Hop performer, proprietor (team brand), rep, member, individual, writer, phrasal poet, blog and vlog curator, break dancer and graffiti artist.
Sincerity "BECOMES" my Christian Frankly-Hop just to be as boldly wise as possible with my intellect, in being a true and living NATURAL and EXACT lyricist, plus a Rap Vandal. Obscene truth at best that's a way to express As of the 80's to present day developing and creating my own identity in British (Regional) performing arts and the virtual gravitas of its team brand SINCERE styles and skills [philosophy's mission].myself as an adult contemporary microphone of team brand critical service. For instance my artistic name COMBOS form in an open and direct way to be the TRUTHS honesty of something and or anything... I am from the United Kingdom, Avon and Somerset. My real name is, Mr. Frank Malcolm Kembery and I was born on the 17th of June 1976. Life for me as an introspective introvert is like that of a urban street poet. I'm more of a artistic ambivert and proprietor of team brand: SINCERE. I have been a beat maker since 1993. I studied A Levels and a degree as a social scientist. I trained in 2011 to be a protocol detoxification therapist. After my GCSE's in 1991 I trained as a Commis Chef. I have also been a barman, DJ, postman and worked in a shoe shop. I was working before I left school because I grew up in a single parent family and was poor. I made and sold fudge and ice cream. I also worked at a local recording studio in admin but made lunches plus ran about with DAT's and helped set up rehearsal rooms. I am a middle aged orphan now and have no dependants. I'm a registered performer and representative of PAMRA which merged into Phonographic Performance Limited UK. I founded the indie web label and media publishing organisation team brand, SINCERE. We have other services too like SINCERE WEBCASTS here at SoundClick.
Spotlight Song
Overcoming the Illusionati of Consciousness and its Unconscious Will and Self-Fabrication by Bridging the Cosmos between the Objective and Subjective Forms Using Realities. Pushing a New Core of Sincerity's Depth and its Maxim of Memorable Impact. The tune Strums at Heartstrings known for how it Plays your whole Damned life and Others.
Elevated Lyricism Keystone Acts Natural Alpha Dec 12, 2020
Artistic Hip-Hop [Rap Vandal] performer, proprietor (team brand), representative, member, self-employed individual, writer, phrasal poet, blogger, vlog curator, webcasting host, mentor, graffiti artist, graphic designer, break dancer, body popper, DJ, musician, independent arts and entertainment publishing agent within a private unlimited organisation with other services. "Elkana the redeemed sinner with ryhmes of morals for morality." ELKANA --- Elevated Lyricism Keystone Acts Natural Alpha (FRANK_UK, SAHIR and or Yashar ETC.) Elkana (Frank Malcolm Kembery) owns and self-manages his performance material at an indie web label registered with PPL UK as a media publishing organisation team brand individual. The indie media groups team brand is, SINCERE. The (CEO) self-employed representative and performer is also registered, PAMRA (Performing Artists Media Rights Association). SINCERE is heavily drug related music and as Frank Malcolm Kembery has had a wealth of life experience as an addict (Criminal) and recovering addict thats also a protocol detox therapist with a fevered slant that shares in a more popularised world view based firmly with its roots in nature and what is really natural. Its likely that if you understand Rap and Hip-Hop well enough youd know that theres slangs in the lyrical content that contextualise self imagery and or persona. Giving more edge in the word play by way of making comparisons which is grittier in its general grind. Sincere is a way of life, a philosophy and a moralist approach that's mostly asymmetrical except for the I which is symmetrical. Anyhow, I spell SINCERE B.E.C.O.M.E.S. 1980'S CHOIRS AFTER G.C.S.E. MOCKS I STUDIED DRAMA PLUS ART AND DESIGN TECHNOLOGY 1990 - 92 DA ORPHANZ DUO (TWISTED STYLES) 1991 KOH-SAN RECORDING STUDIOS (ADMIN AND GENERAL DOGS BODY) 1993 TAG RAPPING CYPHERS 1994 Live Band "ECOUTE" (South-West) 1995 Moved to Bristol (BS) to work... 1996 Sony Records (Cool freebies) 1997 (2001) DJ IN BATH WITH RESIDENCIES 1998 BBC Radio 1 Rap & Hip-Hop Auditions (Tim Westwood) 1999 EMI - Virgin Records Interview (Crazy) 2000... Struggled but recorded a bit. 2001 COMMERCIAL DISPUTE (Tim Westwood) 2001 REJECTED BY PRINCES TRUST 2003 HTML AND MP3 2004 Honors Degree (Open University) 2004 FBI (Hacked ETC.) 2004 (OCTOBER) PAMRA (PERFORMING ARTISTS MEDIA RIGHTS ASSOCIATION) 2005 PPL UK (PHONOGRAPHIC PERFORMANCE LIMITED) 2005 Fear, hate and terror... 2006 PHOTO SHOOT AND VIDEOS 2007 Performing Live 2008 HATERS PLUS FIRST WAVE OF USERS PEAKED (MCSFUK) 2011 Homeless, training, blogging, recording, exhibitions, college and internet (Indie) radio... 2012 Exhibitions and digital media events (FRINGE) 2012 LAST USERS WAVE PEAKED 10K (MCSFUK) 2013 Re-Housed and still at it. 2015 Police Corruption (GROSS MISCONDUCT) 2017 Homeless (Public Enquiry into Homicides and Frauds - National Archives) 2020 Supported Housing (CHURCH AND CHARITY)