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Bath, Somerset  United Kingdom http://www.youtube.com/c/frankmalcolmkembery Joined April 2005
Artistic Hip-Hop [Rap vandal] performer, proprietor (team brand), rep, member, self-employed individual, writer, phrasal poet, blog & vlog curator, graffiti...
Sincerity BECOMES my Christian Hip-Hop just to be as boldly wise as possible in being a true and living NATURAL and EXACT lyricist. Obscene truth at best thats a way to express As of the 80s to present day developing and creating my own identity in British (Regional) performing arts and the virtual gravitas of its team brand SINCERE styles and skills [philosophys mission].myself as an adult contemporary microphone of team brand critical service. For instance my artistic name COMBOS form in an open and direct way to be the TRUTHS honesty of something and or anything... I am from the United Kingdom, Avon and Somerset. My real name is, Mr. Frank Malcolm Kembery and I was born on the 17th of June 1976. Life for me as an introspective introvert is like that of a urban street poet. I'm more of a artistic ambivert and proprietor of team brand: SINCERE. I have been a beat maker since 1993. I studied A Levels and a degree as a social scientist. I trained in 2011 to be a protocol detoxification therapist. After my GCSE's in 1991 I trained as a Commis Chef. I have also been a barman, DJ, postman and worked in a shoe shop. I was working before I left school because I grew up in a single parent family and was poor. I made and sold fudge and ice cream. I also worked at a local recording studio in admin but made lunches plus ran about with DATS and helped set up rehearsal rooms. I am a middle aged orphan now and have no dependents. I'm a registered performer and representative of PAMRA which merged into Phonographic Performance Limited UK. I founded the indie web label and media publishing organisation team brand, SINCERE. We have other services too like SINCERE WEBCASTS here at SoundClick.
Spotlight Song
KEEP PUSHING is a Spotlight song produced by the JEEJUH TEAM and featuring Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. It is meant as a tribute to sharing the faith. The title of the production is the lyrical direction to which Elkana took to and previously in other artistic material that is a means to reflecting on ones relationships and with God. It has a way of encouraging strength by going all out during overwhelming times points of pushing and the need to keep pushing pass acts of direct and indirect hijacking.
Evil Corp Shuffle Enemies of the State & Realm Oct 10
I'm being hacked and I can't use Facebook features... This means that the TOR version of Facebook lets cyber criminals attack individuals and or organisations to make them suffer continuous victimisation. The harm and or criminal destruction of personal devices and data is of its damages. They're radicalised internet users with little rights that infringe upon positive internet users of the open web. They impose negatively with negative regard. They're serious lack of respect and obedience is weak and a failure to understand their own rights opportunities and progress in the liberty of positive bias and its discrimination of the negativity. Evil Corp Shuffle Enemies of the State & Realm Cybercriminals and or unethical hackers (Terrorists) use a computer to commit hate crimes, conspiracy to corrupt, defrauding Government and or individuals and businesses, fraud, capital crimes, proliferation of criminal Cancer and or other contaminants, planned bank robberies, trafficking child pornography and forced prostitution, illicit drug trading and smuggling, criminal damage, stolen monies and or stolen goods and or property, steal virtual identity, infringement of liberty and intellectual property rights plus ownership, piracy, misusing personal information (identity theft); hacking: shutting down or misusing websites or computer networks, premeditated homicides and or rapes, interfering with migrants' and illegal immigrants work related matters plus their relatives rights any country and or native origins, destroying infrastructures, intimidation and harassment, harm and destruction, defacement, attacking Universities databases and funding schemes, manipulation and deception plus secrecy plots, marketing black market products and or services, blackmail and bribery, bombings, arson, illegal firearms, diminishing responsibilities via taunting and attacking law enforcement agencies and or military officers plus other personnel.