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Richard Bethell
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Ottawa, ON  Canada Joined April 2005
The video ingenue Oct 14, 2007
I wrote a song recently, for a project I was working on with some other Soundclick artists (Ron Gragg, ohgrant, JC Carroll, and Mississippi Spud.) I wrote it as a testimony on how love evolves over the course of a lifetime, and yet how it always stays the same. As often is the case, I've kind of wrote it through my own eyes... from the vantage point of how we have become grandparents, and learning that a much loved niece and nephew are getting married next year. And now, it turns out that this is the first song I've ever done for which there is a video! Not by my doing, but by Country Rose of the Country Rose Show. When I saw the video she made of this song, I am not ashamed to admit I cried like a baby. Check it out! It's called 'Richard Bethell - Enchantez' about the video: A gift for Richard featuring his lovely song 'Enchantez'... a beautiful heartfelt song!