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USA Joined March 2005
If James Brown was the hardest working man in show business, then I would be the laziest. The trick, is to surround oneself with incredibly talented people who don't share one's affinity for sloth...Which I've done for over a decade with a band called "Jack Couldn't Make It". I opened this account, partly, as a tribute to the wonderful Folks who have been kind enough to join me both on stage and in the studio. After facing the cold hard fact of having missed the Musical Bus, I turned to screenwriting. Waiting now for the editing to be completed on one "short" and two Indie Features. One of which, The Shoebox, has a website up and running and will be adding to it in the near future. Please feel free to follow along as we bring this heartwarming true story to the big screen. http://www.shoeboxthemovie.com/ As to the music, well, I hope you find something you don't think totally sucks. If you don't, blame it on the writer, not the band.
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