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Kate Godfrey
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Utah  USA Joined March 2005
I have always been into the arts. Ever since I was a kid I had an in bedded fascination with drawing, painting, music, etc... I was drawn to it much more so than what others thought of me, or weather or not that cute boy in the corner had a crush on me. I'd much rather sit alone, with my notebook, writing about my thoughts, doodling, basically just being off in my own world. Mind you I DID have friends, but not many. I was always really self conscious and shy about myself. Things began to change slightly once I got into High School. I became more social, and um appearance-conscious! Though I think in this happening I sort of lost that same connection I had when I was a child. That same free spirited mind, to openly connect to creation without that second critical thought, that You see, ever since I was a young three foot four human with pigtails I would watch my mom. She was a singer songwriter. Her and her sister would sing harmonies together, and Robin, her lover at the time, would play the blues guitar. I was exposed to live music all of my life, and I think that is what in turn sculpted my intrigue towards the subject. Finally, one day, when I was about 14 years old I picked up my mom's guitar. I awkwardly fumbled my fingers down on the frets and began attempting to make some kind of appealing noise. I continued sneaking my mom's guitar for many months, the months turned to several years. And wallah! I now write my own music, and that guitar....well...it's mine no