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Websites A MUSIC ARTIST CAN USE to Distribute their Music Online Dec 28, 2011
Not signed to a record label, and dont have your CD in music stores internationally. G3KBEATS is here to tell you that there are more ways for your music to reach your fans and make sells. We posted 6 sites to upload and sell your music with great services that really can expand your fan base. 1. snocap.com They give you an audio player for your myspace page so you can set your own prices. So if your selling a single, or a remix, you set your price. Free account, but they take 39 cents per track sold, a low cost for setting your music to be heard globally. 2. cdbaby.com They let you upload your album including images so its ready to sell. Your music gets put on Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic and many more for you automatically. Plus for a $35 fee CD Baby will send out your music on a hard CD copy to your fans for you and they charge a percentage of each sale, a small amount for the big rewards you can get. 3. tunecore.com They let You get 100% of the money that your music earns from digital distribution. Plus they have arrangements with top digital music retailers that lets us place your music in their online stores and subscription services. 4. artists-first.net Sell your albums or singles, ring tones, videos and merchandise directly to your customers and fans from any website. No setup fees or storage limits. They take 5% of what you sell. 5. soundclick.com Free music artist page. Upload unlimited tracks. They take 30% commission. Get paid via paypal. 6. reveerbnation Free music artist page. They distribute your music to 40 plus more online retail music stores. You can make your own music app, widgets, music playlist and allow youto reach your fans in many ways. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE WEBSITE TO SPREAD YOUR MUSIC AND GET PAID!!! -G3KBEATS G3KBEATS.COM -making fresh beats daily!