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Best Policy Compost Last Tuesday
The back yard is getting a lot more attention than this page lately. But like this page, we've got old rotting stuff being reused as it becomes compost. That's what this site is like; old, decomposing material being used as a foundation for new growth. We're not done. We are Unfinished ourselves, still creating and composing, nurturing seeds, hoping to have a beautiful garden of new flowers. Speaking of gardens, Chocolate Zulu - Garden in my Mind But like the compost, the organic material needs to fully decompose for the maximum benefit of the new growth. The Broccoli material should be good and decomposed by now, it's been around so long. The other artists probably not as much. The Scuz probably broke down pretty quickly, because it wasn't too substantial to begin with. Some of the Adry material and Chocolate Zulu should be well on their way, though still in too big of chunks to work right. Orange Cones is still pretty solid, and the Munro matter hasn't had much time to stew. Even so, the amount of active decomposing going on with the older stuff should accelerate the process with the newer stuff. A good, aerated bed of nutrient-rich foundation will allow the new growth to flourish. It can take the elements of the former growth and recycle it into new blossoms. The fact that nobody is trying to keep the old material alive helps it break down and be reused. Nobody will even know where the soil came from, they'll only see the bushes and trees that grow from it. When you're eating a really tasty fruit, you probably don't say, "where did they get such fertile dirt to grow this in?" You also probably don't say, "hey, this peach tastes just like an old Cure album." That wouldn't be such a tasty peach if it did. Maybe a better analogy would be "hey, this peach tastes exactly like an avocado." Okay, that doesn't make much sense either, but the point is that if the new stuff was too much like some old stuff that people were familiar with, it might make it taste less fresh. In other words, if we were to cannibalize the old material to make new stuff, nobody would likely call us out for "stealing" from something else, because they wouldn't be familiar with what it is we're "stealing" from. There's still talk around the office of assembling "new" material by taking the best parts of the old and combining them into "super songs" that include the best of the best. Munro has even gone so far as to make a chart showing what songs have a key in common in case they'll fit together just like that with no transposing or anything. I don't really think it's going to happen. Everyone agrees that there are plenty of new ideas, and that the old ones are either A) not good enough to take anything from, or B) good enough to reuse as they are, with just a little rejuvenating (reanimating is more like it).
Early '80s Before the Voice Changes Mar 25
OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST FOUND. It's a tape from the early '80s. Probably the first-ever home recording of Munro and his friends, in a group they called The KNOB. He must have been about 12 years old. This is an unbelievable flashback to a very early performance. It features a nylon-string acoustic guitar, a toy air organ, and a pair of drumsticks hitting what sounds like a guitar case. Each of the "band" members takes a turn at improvising a vocal part. Munro's contribution is a song we've referred to as "Goodbye Little Loser". His brother performs two songs, and Tony, the third member of the band (and the guy in whose house Chocolate Zulu and Orange Cones recorded their demos) sings "Lovely Day for a Ride on the Bike". This recording shows Munro's early obsession with recording, and reflects a time when he was the best guitar player in the room. Among the other tapes that have just resurfaced is a collection of Adry 5 bass lines that he recorded to a keyboard drum beat. There are several more tapes to go through to find out what's on them, but there will likely be a few more gems in there of exceedingly low quality.
Life is different now Mar 24
We never expected it to come to this, but life is different now. It's not that different from the life of orange cones, if one in five people veered off the road plowing down bystanders. Yep, shit just got real when there was a confirmed case of COVID-19 in our circles, or at least one degree outside of them. No fevers yet, but this illustrates how close such a danger can be to ALL OF US. Things are not "as usual" and we're all learning to behave differently. Any performances our artists had planned are in an uncertain state, if not canceled altogether, so there will be no busking, gigging, or otherwise direct interaction between artists and fans. For that reason we're asking that, if you enjoy the music of the Best Policy artists, and you want to encourage and enable them to continue, consider making a donation. Anything you can spare without putting yourself in straits would be appreciated (keep in mind a typical "live" tip is $5 or less) and can be made at https://paypal.me/bestpolicymusic and we will make sure 100% of it goes to the artist(s). Don't feel obligated in any way to make a donation. If you enjoy the music, please try to let us know in some way so that we can encourage the kinds of entertainment you like. As always, our offerings are at no cost to you; share only if you want to. Above all, stay safe and healthy. If orange cones could be made to imitate life right now, they would be stacked in a storage closet somewhere.
Quarantine is the Best Policy Mar 22
Working the day job from home for the next ?? gives us a lot of time to putter around digging up recordings (and hopefully laying down some new ones). TBH we did find some today, but, woah, these are bad. They likely won't show up here for a few months at least. Nah, who are we kidding, they'll be here in a few days. There's this one called Butterfly Brown or something like that, and some LLOC demos that really mix it up.