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When the lo-fi era hits they'll say we were ahead of our time.
New Munro song, no more old songs May 15
Munro's got a new song out. Yes, NEW. Just wrote it, just recorded it, just released it on Soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/daddymunro/dont-need-a-dime It's more country than anything you've ever heard him do, but he says, don't worry, he's not taking the easy way out and going country. It's just how it came out. He doesn't even add the inflections or half-step key change that are clich├ęs of the genre. It just kind of sounded that way with the open chords and the 6/8 time and the lamenting lyrics. We'll post the song here too, soon. The last Live from the Office Lockdown Livestream was last night. We tried to do it on our usual Wednesday night, but it went out with no audio, so we bugged him to do it again Thursday night. That video is now up on our YouTube channel as well. As he says in the video, that was the last of the cataloguing of his old material that he wanted to do. He's talking about getting back to generating new material, as the new song suggests. For that reason, we will cease the hour-long performances rehashing the bands of the past. Look for shorter streams with new music going forward. We may also branch out to something other than Office performances on acoustic guitar.