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ME  USA Joined December 2004
Artist & Psychopath Extraordinaire
DAMIEN ZYGOTE is one of the most misunderstood artists to emerge from 21st century. His unusual philosophy and creative imagination is present in every aspect of his life. He began his career as a recording artist in the year 2000. A series of self produced CDs landed him on the largest Rock / Alternative radio stations in his home state, including Stephen King's WKIT in Bangor Maine. A local and regional fan base assembled and DZ started touring the state. His live performances and self produced recordings earned him a reputation for the unexpected. As a singer and song writer his popularity and recognition grew through word of mouth and the internet. He continued to evolve and transform himself as an entertainer, producer and artist. He eventually gained the attention of entertainment companies in New York City and Hollywood California which led to his first national press coverage in Wonka Vision Magazine and CMJ. He then turned his sights on other aspects of art and entertainment including Movies & Photography. He began working with local production companies and underground film makers on independent films and music videos. These creative outlets began to reveal new dimensions of his personality and gave him the opportunity to expand his career and evolve once again.Damien Zygote is currently producing his own Alternative Reality show for the web and is involved in several animated and non animated cartoons.