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Richard Anderson
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Heaven Or, Hell  New Zealand Joined June 2002
I am also a co-founder of Polar Music New Zealand, Our proudest achievements have been the release of all the Rob Smith solo releases - Be Careful What You Wish For (2005) & Actions Speak Louder Than Words (2006), "Never A Dull Moment" (2009). "Voices In My Head" (2011) and of course ......GONE WILD (2007) and GONE WILD II (2009) Rob Smith & Nils-Ole Finbak - "Atmospheres" & Hayley Oliver, Rob Smith & Richard Anderson - "Something To Remember" (both 2009) were albums that very much assured the variety of our collaborative efforts remained a force to be reckoned with (no one trick pony antics here!) In 2009 I formed The Feckers with my brother in rock Chris Szkup and can now formally announce The Feckers - "It'd Be Rude Not To" (2013) was released and we also took part in tributes to KISS and The Godz, it is a true worldwide union of rock!, work has begun on a 2nd album by The Feckers, with perhaps more to follow.
The Feckers Sep 5, 2016
Currently in writing mode for the 2nd of The Feckers albums, with recording to convene over the course of 2017. Featuring the talents of founders Richard Anderson and Chris Szkup along with Dennis Leeflang (Bumblefoot) on drums, also included in the lineup will be songwriting contributions from Alexey Spectre, Rob Smith & David Austin. Others taking part in the recordings include: Roy Bratbakken, Paul Jolley, Steve Hacker, Irene Slade, Yohei Eto, Matt Szkup, Kayla Driskel, Pat Valley with special guest appearances to be announced. for more info please follow The Feckers at: https://www.facebook.com/thefeckers https://www.twitter.com//thefeckers