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Lisa Fretwell
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Everton, MO  USA Joined September 2004
Music has played a tremendous role all throughout my life. All of my memories are attached to whatever song I was listening to at the time. My musical tastes are very diverse. I like all styles of music with the exception of songs that make me feel angry and agitated (punk rock, screamin' at me metal or aggresive hip hop). The songs I write are from my personal experiences and mostly about people that I have known in my life. For instance: Myanmar Terra, off of our 3rd CD was written because of the way I felt when viewing the video's of the devastation in Myanmar(Burma). Whether you play Native American Flute or listen to the flute, my goal is to have you experience flying. For me, playing the flute lets me fly. Listen to our recent CD entitled Glidin' in the Updraft and you'll feel what I mean by flying. My two greatest joys are: Teaching someone to play flute and knowing that my music has touched someone. My grandfather was adopted into the Assiniboin Tribe, but I am not a member of a federally-recognized tribe. Dream BIG, Live FULLY, Lisa Fretwell ~ Makin' Music to Sleep by ~