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Robert Ewing
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Sanger, Tx  USA Joined August 2004
I've never been on Hee Haw and it brings me sadness
Recording with "Children Of The Bomb" Jul 3, 2013
Recorded two songs while out in New Mexico Late June, "Cerro Grande" and "Tornado" are in the mixing stages, 3 more songs are scheduled to be recorded in early July......since I'm homeless at the moment it's a place to stay and record music with long time friend/bandmate Steve Hudgins. Two shows this month with Thunder Road "A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen" (you can find us on You Tube) , 4th of July "Rock if Ages" concert in Longview Texas with Back in Black(AC/DC) and Trio Grande(ZZ Top).... Also on Sat October 19th 2013 30+ musicians are getting together to play a 4 hour concert we are calling "Concert For Paul", Paul Caceres was a long time friend since I was 15, our first bands we played in together.....he was the guy I turned to to run the stage for the Newman Smith Reunion Gig in 2010, he passed away a month ago and we are getting as many musicians he played with to have one last jam for him....... Still trying to move forward from my Mothers death in Feb and Paul's in May, picked up some part time work plus the band money, I'll get by.......Music is getting me by