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Eric Heisman and the Formation
Did they let you down again?: I've been thinking about this for some time now, and I can't identify anyone that has really ever let me down. I learned a long time ago to not pin unrealistic expectations to others. Every soul I have ever encountered has a whole big world of stuff to keep track of before I meet them. why expect folk to regard my stuff? I also know that when we meet folk, we're also being given another mirror with which to check ourselves. The result is that I have become friends with some amazing people that r...
me pay to let dudes look at my car....not!: strange how stuff works like when a person makes music mostly they own it so they expect to be paid to perform it but when it comes to cars they make you pay to have people come and look at it I mean like cool april nights that's a car show here in redding. around here it's a big thing a cruise night and all sorts of show and shines anyway i got me an old ford and it looks pretty good but every year about cool april nights comes around it disappears until the show is done because they want me ...
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