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lumpy trumpy: there is something inheritantly wrong with a guy self proclaiming genius. yet that is what our president said and he has diagnosed himself mentally stable the whole idea is a sure sign of dillusion what a big orange blowhard. self proclaiming dillusional individual with a i am better than you tweak built right in look at me i am smart look at me mommy look how smart i am what a maroon what a pinhead zippy the president yep he is just some rich bloatey imbecile with the i q of a monkey wrench a...
Happy New Years Friends, Fans n Fiends! : Happy New Years Friends, Fans n Fiends! The past year is soon coming to a close fast. Everything that happened last year will soon be all water under the bridge. The good, the bad, the ugly gone into the past forever. The new coming year is gonna be interesting. The world is changing so fast. Check out my song and video "Its All Water Under The Bridge." My two pet Buzzard friends asked if they could be in the video. I said "why not." Their fun to hang with just don't say the word ugly around th...
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