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Latest news.: Our song Corporate Sleezebag is number 2 on thrash tonight! Awesome. I wanted it to be number 1 but some other band from MA is doing really well now and their song is killing it in that department. Anyway what really pisses me off is playcount inflation. Let me tell you what that is... Look at the below site: These sites exist for every indie music platform. They allow artists to pay for fake plays. They send signals to the player of such sites to...
We're Number 1 in thrash! YES! : FINALLY! Our song corporate sleezebag is number 1 in thrash metal. That's badass. It's about time. But something weird happened earlier tonight in the thrash metal charts. Did anyone else see this. We were #5 in metal and #999998 in thrash metal. WTF! It's almost like someone hacked into the charts system because they don't like Unleashing Vengeance. Not sure that's what happened but it's very suspicious. But atleast soundclick fixed it. It's good for metal when the thrash band with the be...
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