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The Environmental Saboteurs Part 1: The Environmental Saboteurs (The Eight Hundred Pound Gorilla In The Room) Part 1 So who are "They"? The wizards behind the curtain, the puppeteers behind the facade, the hidden hands behind the politicians, ... world leaders, ... talking heads, and the big agendas? --- What are the agendas, the real agendas? And what happened to our skies? Is there really this much airplane traffic out there? Have you been brainwashed into thinking us regular folks are to blame for all the environmental sa...
Blasphemy: Blasphemy is defined as "... disrespect for God or sacred things ... something done or said that shows disrespect for God or sacred things" — Look around — We live in blasphemy. How did we get here in this blasphemous condition? — And furthermore, how did we get here in this world? This information seems to be the best kept secret keeping us all down — and keeping us all in this perpetual downward spiral, spiraling further down all the time! "Control" — There is no doubt men who know th...
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