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artist: Darby O'Gill
A tongue-in-cheek disdain of the institution of marriage.
A celtic style track I just created.
From the Book/CD "A Treasury of Celtic Music for Guitar."
artist: JavaMusiK
Solo piano arrangement of a favorite hymn.
artist: ElectroCelt
Vocals: Xochil Squaglia Flute: Hanz Araki
artist: Tom Bower
A traditional Irish folk tune I did a few years back. This one's all acoustic and live-miked except for electr
This is a reposting of a song that somehow got deleted from my list when my account was "under review"
artist: Joe Wrabek
A quasi-Irish love song about vegetables--and garden pests.
artist: Joel Schick
A couple ne'er do wells are sitting around the pub, imagining the high old times in store when Friday rolls ar
artist: Mik Kro
Old Irish Ballad composed by Sigerson Clifford about hunting the wren in Kerry many many years ago.
Drowsy Maggie, The Star of Munster. Played by Paddy Bowling on flute, Richie Rosencrans on Guitar.
artist: Gan Ainm
title: A-RovinĀ“
A sea shanty, a working song sung by the sailors in order to synchronize their labour. A three part a cappell
One of my first melodies. I was covered it in multiple occasions: set of instruments, slow vowel ... etc. Bu
title: Nancy
Traditional tune, probably of Irish origin; it might be known by another title. Multiple mandolins give an unu
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D E Farmer
World General
"Breathe in and Believe"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
MONICA HOTTS reveals new album 'Restore Disorder': Released via Monicahotts Productions Every so often an artist arises that takes you by surprise, and so enter Monica Hotts. Monica Hotts has been composing music since she can remember, a love affair that has seen her making sweet music ever since. Growing up with a guitar under her arm, Monica began writing music in her early twenties and has blossomed into a carefully crafted artist, and someone who possesses a distinct passion for making ambient techno music. After a string of success stories and a debut album, Monica Hotts now finds herself releasing album #2. Restore Disorder ...
MusicDishTV Presents "Destroyer" By Norwegian Rockstar VITNE : Norwegian rockstar VITNE takes his signature sound to the next level. He has an upcoming album scheduled to be released towards the end of 2013. So to entice fans and fuel the fire for his anticipated project, VITNE provides a vivid, dream-like music video for his first single "Destroyer". The video begins with a fog of smoke encompassing a necromantic VITNE walking towards a light as the hums of the synthesizers play a glooming melody. He then falls asleep and in a midst of a climax, opens his eyes to reveal his sinister , red iris. The video then progresses into him walking in his "dream", r...
Songwriter On The Rise:

Leon Newton is considered a new songwriter while actually he has been writing songs for over ten years. It was only a couple of years ago that he decided his talent for writing could lead to commercial success.

It all started when he began entering songwriting contest and the recognition and encouragement he received motivated him to seriously consider songwriting as more than a hobby.

Although Leon has written in various genres of music; such as folk, blues, rock, rap and Christian, his main forte is country music. Le...

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