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Let's fuse the love, here on earth and in space.
artist: Evan Paul
A collaboration with the very talented multi instrumentalist Ed Drury, who plays the digeridu and percusion, w
This song was released in Quebec in the early 70s
artist: Andrea Gerak
Lullaby from the Solomon Islands
artist: Faunaserene
THis is being played all on my keyboard......I didnt write the original music was a Bengali Chant that the wor
A Jazz Blues Ballad expressing the universal heartfelt feelings of all who are separated from loved ones as th
artist: Cosmos II
Humorous song in Russian that compares Russian wives with wives from other countries
Throbbing drumbeats and epic sounds evoking images of grand vistas of the African plains at sunset.
Can you hear how the tiels want to get out? ;-))) This image shows Newton sitting on my keyboard!
In memory of the victims of the bloodbath in Las Vegas in 2017.
Beware the industrial prison complex.
artist: Europica
A Flute and drone version of a tune I wrote in 2008. Moi on Flute and a sample of the Tampura drone.
artist: Trick T Olly
Back in the 1980s I worked on animating Bert Raccoon. I never did very creative work. The most creative thing
A musical tribute to Lekzee Patrick, an Amazing songwriter, musician, vocalsist, performer and entertainer who
artist: ikonoki
mixed and open comes from 'pantagoria', ikonoki's first studio lp release of 2005.
artist: Ascenzion
Backing track by Michael Duran. Al Massey soprano sax.
writers R.Devoile cover art Bernie Bernstein
artist: Mejda Das
title: Raga Pilu
indian raga played on western instruments; mejda das (electric 6 string fretless bass guitar), teed rockwell (
artist: NYMAN (Swe)
This is a folk music inspired song with some turkish/celtic influences. A good foot stomping track!
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Instrumentals :: Miami Bass
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D E Farmer
New Age
"Under a Marmalade Sky"
Electronic, New Age, EDM, Contemporary Instrumental, World Music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
Hydra Management Double's Down On Great Music: Hydra Management continues it's all out assault on the Rap and R&B music Landscape with their latest release from Conceptz and newly signed singer/songwriter Suzann Christine. After a short hiatus following the release of the acclaimed EP "CERTIFIED" by Conceptz which featured the debut of Strictly BI and Prometheus, Hydra and Conceptz are back and this time they have brought along one of the best kept secrets in the music industry Suzann Christine aka SuDat! On Tuesday 8/16/16, Hydra Management Records will release it's latest single by Conceptz and Suzann Christine "S.O.S.". Th...
dj chris ja
Silver Cat - Vybz Kartel Saga (2012 Moby's Records).: Silver Cat - Vybz Kartel Saga (2012 Moby's Records). Composed & Produced by Ryan 'Dj Genius' Singh & Christopher 'Dj Chris' Plummer. Get it now on iTunes @ Follow us on Twitter @djchrisjamaica [&] @MobysJamaica DJ CHRIS: +18768712568 / RYAN: +18765272072 BlackBerry PIN: 254F9143
New Release Of The Notionaries: "Excited Eyes": The band lead for Notionaries is Lamar Fite in vocals, not to mention his role with the guitar and the keyboard. He is ably and aptly supported by the amazing Lead guitarist Logan Rine, percussionist Andrew Hise and Nick Patrick at the bass. Considering that they had begun their journey just a year ago in early 2014, and their first professional recording in spring 2014 (courtesy Dustin Burnett), their new single is an achievement on its own. Having made a name for themselves in being aesthetic, creative and highlighting their musical creations with powerful and captivating song writing, a lot...
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