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title: Stay Calm
Modern meditation. August 2017 Clicker's Club "strange days" challenge.
From the Album "Inforever" All songs written/All instruments played by Brian Hoeche
title: I'm Stunned
First track by Ladrina Bagan from the upcoming solo album.
artist: Dornob
A setting in Bayat-e Tork of a beautiful Rumi poem. Tombak by a young Kamron and Octapad by Hamid.
artist: Trick T Olly
In cerebration of the 400 year anniversary of publication "The muses gardin for delights or fifth booke of aye
artist: Dan Stark
From the CD "Liquid Life"
artist: Nepente
es una mezcla rara de tango, bolero y jazz... o algo asi
composition and arrangment by mejazz and pierrejaccard
Dedicated to the late Al Gardner!
artist: Belluz
title: News
Negative effects of the media. It's kind of like a Mariachi Band from the Barbados.
artist: KMO
title: Loving You
Loving you is like waking up in the morning and discovering I'm a millionaire...
title: PLAY!
artist: Rouge D'or
ROUGE D'OR Saffron Linx and Maiden Places 11 Trax Total Time 67:51 2005
artist: Studio Tests
A test of some orchestral sounds in Kontakt
artist: UtopiaNex
World, Easy Listening.
Piano Forte Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi-Cleo-She-Bah arranged, composed, mixed at Vame Re-cords.
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Black Lions Beatz
Instrumentals :: Trap
Price: Mp3 - $19.99 | Wav - $39.99 | Track outs - $74.99 | Unlimited - $149.99 | Exclusive Rights please contact:
Gummy Beatz
Bipolar (Migos/Uzi Vert Type) (CashMoneyAP x GB)
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D E Farmer
New Age
"Under a Marmalade Sky"
Electronic, New Age, EDM, Contemporary Instrumental, World Music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
Fall In Love At The Song Fest: Come Be A Player: 12 SongWriter Tips and Secrets to Making Love Songs Rendezvous with us at the 10th Nashville SongWriters Fest on Music Row in the month of love, this June 1-3, 2012! Hear romantic songs by the writers who felt them from the past, present and future. All genres are invited to come swoon others on many different stages across from BMI and ASCAP at the top of Music Row. 1. Find love at the fest! "Oh listen!?! They're playing our song..." Bring your original heart felt music and chirp like a bird on stage or off. 2. Declare you love on air, video or web cast for all the world to hear as ...
Samhain (and Beltaine): Samhain marks the cusp of the cycle. As life dwindles or retreats in the inexorable cyble of growth and decay, and life and death, in the wheel of the year. It is part of human nature to measure time in natural cycles, from simple day and night, to the cycles of the lunar month (especially the synodic month), to the solar year, and beyond. It is just natural to do so. All of nature follows these cycles. What this means to me, in addition to honoring things and people that have passed in the past, not only the past year, is a time of reflecting on one's growth so far. As time passes, I ...
Jay Salter's "Angel Of Mine" - Hit On Over 300 Radio Stations: Jay Salter today announced that he released his newest single "Angel of Mine" featuring vocalist Dominique Felder and Grammy Award winner Bill Salter, the song's lyricist and on acoustic guitar, on August 30th. "Angel of Mine" is gaining momentum daily. "Angel of Mine" represents the conglomeration of Jay's life in music. Son of renowned songwriter Bill Salter ("Where is the Love", "Just the Two of Us", "Mr. Magic"?) Jay was born into music. With his father backing the song on acoustic guitar, Jay's experience in bringing newcomers to the forefront, led him to Dominique, whose voice is one ...
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