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title: G/SP #3
Bassist, Michael Cowden lays down a funky summer groove, topped by a hard thumping beat by Dave Goode, and so
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at guitarboy.com*Guitarboy - Guitars Written and produced by Guitarboy * From t
artist: boris
Are We ???
artist: Kenny Powell
The sequel to my song "DINOSAURS!"
artist: Fat Chance
From the album All The Marbles
fun. I think ill start a new genre ! trip-hop rnb funk pop rock= HIP ROCK :-) Cause I'm the mayor,in my mind !
title: Left Hanging
94bpm funk track. Special thanks to bass wiz Chandler for his swingin' low end.
artist: UNIT E
Get sum funky good love vibes goin'
A Cover Rendition Of A Stevie Wonder Song.
PRODUCED--er, I mean--"SET LOOSE UPONST YOUR SENSES" by Lawrence Wise. Song is (BMI).
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Instrumentals :: Hardcore
Buy the tagless version or download the free beat demo at www.insane-beatz.com
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Sy Smith
Listen to the R&B Soul sensation Sy Smith.
0NE LiL' V0iCE [P0EM]: By:Mina Some pepole have this feeling or sometimes it's just a thought it teaches mean things no one else ever taught It's this little voice in the bakc of your head telling some stuff that everyone dreads it says that you have no friends and that you'll never be loved so just put your life to an end Some people end up obeying this voice they have their choice of using a knife or a gun water or rope,anything to get the job done when these people leave and die few will leave a note,for someone to hold onto to have their last quote you never know who has this a mind all have dr...
Erin Gadsden
Deep Freeze Vol. 1: Check out Iceberg's Deep Freeze Vol. 1 mixtape right now!! You won't be disappointed!! Here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?zyetuddtvmd
CUT`z [P0EM]: Cuts By.Mina the cuts they hurt but i keep on going without even one line showing nobody knows just quite yet but soon enough they'll know I bet if I write a poem do you think they'll know? about how my life changed so long ago I've changed so much the cuttings start with X`s all over my heart I sit there day and night cutting deeper and deeper with just a knife but when you cut don't go slow I only started a day ago but still no one knows I wish they knew,I really do but there is no point for me to stay things just aren't going my way in my shaking hands I hold that blade ...
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