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artist: Audamatik
title: Issues
The Dark Side of LOVE
artist: TRKilbourne
title: Love Me Slow
Song for My Husband
artist: Alex Boyd
We went into the studio with no preconceptions. Soul has always been a heavy influence of mine... so it's prev
title: Shawty
Just Sayin Dat Shawty Got Me!!! Produced By:Vybe Beatz
artist: DEF davyne
An honest break up song... VTZ on da beat...
Produced By Street Fab Records. Performed By Lyrickal Thugz. Recorded By Lyrickal Thugz & Rez. Laid Back Love
45 GETTIN BUSY FOR GARRY CD http://www.reverbnation.c
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Sy Smith
Listen to the R&B Soul sensation Sy Smith.
ladeana michelle
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!: What's good, everybody? I'm still traveling, but wanted 2 take a minute 2 say Happy New Year 2 u all. So...Happy New Year!!! Look forward 2 hearing from me in 2009. My official Myspace and Bebo sites will surface in January....I will keep u posted so u can visit me and add me as a friend. I would like that! Let's see...I just completed a 500-pix photo shoot (and that's just for the month of January) while feverishly putting the flavor on my 2009 debut album, and preparing for three upcoming films. Also kicking off boot camp training with a rather vigorous trainer. OMG. NOT looking fo...
Alicia Ellison Grant 30 min commercial: check out my 30 min commerical promoting my lastest single. "Brave Soldiers of the USA. Click on videos. Thanks for your support
Lost Soul: ±q¤£ÃhºÃ§Aªº·R §Ú°ss¤@·Q­nªº·R ¥u¬O ¥@¬É¯É¶Ã¥O§Ú°g´b ©l²×°Ý¦Û¤v ¿uAe±¶Ue §Úªº·R¹³ªÅ®ð Åy§A©I§l ¤£·Q§A­t¾a §Úªº¤ss¹³ª´ºÀ Ae@§A±·µÛ ¤S©È§A¨e¶Ë §Úªº²\¹³¦B¤s ³Q§A·Å·x ´NÀy¶¡¨M³oe §Aªº·R¤nºqµue§o¿@¯P ¨C­Ó¹Ae®§¸¨¦b§Ú¤ss §ÚÀ´ ¦n¦h¨Æ ©È§A·Q§Ú¤Ó¬ue¦n ©È§A²´¤¤ªº¥¢¸¨ ¦pªG¨º®É¨S®o¥¢¦b¤H®ue §A·|¤£·|°Ý­Ó©u¥Õ ¦pªG²{¦b·Q¹i§A©Z¥Õ §AAe@¤£Ae@·N¶ÉÅ¥ ¨ÃªÓ don't let me go ¤Oe¤F·R ¦Û¥Ñ¤£¦A¬O¦Û¥Ñ ¥u³Ñ©t¿W¹C»i ¥¢¥h·R ¥Í©RÁٳѤU¤°»o ®{¯d¤@¥uªÅ´ss ¨S¦³·R ¶Â©]¤£¦A¦³¥Õ±Þ ¥@¬É¤w¸g¤Ó§N ·R¤w²` ¥s§Ú«c»o©n¶}§Aªº¤a ©eºo§Ú §Úªº¥@¬É¤w¥¢¿Å ¦³®É­Ô ·R¬O¤@ºØ§e¿i §Ú¥ÌAe@ µL¸o¥i¨«ªº¦Û¥Ñºa¤°»o §Úªº·...
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