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artist: Harley U.K.
An obvious experiment with autotune. Well I had to try it.
title: Valerie
Amy Winehouse Cover, recorder live at rehearsal
title: Ave Maria
Original track made famous by Beyonce
Donna Summer Cover Tune with some funky guitar and guitar solo.
title: Trying Times
Here's a great Donny Hathaway tune!
Prod. by @HitWorldMusic From J.Poww's "Where Is the Love" cd available now on iTunes. https://itunes.apple.com
Prod By Corbett off Sai's upcoming Street Album Warning Shots 3 Hosted by Just Blaze
artist: Robert Anton
title: Hate Love
this song was written by a youtuber
artist: Dean Raven
Cover version of Plan B's ''LOVE GOES DOWN'' Free Download.
artist: Eranetik619
Michael Learns To Rock- Take Me To Your Heart
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Gummy Beatz
What You Mean To Me (Original Guitar)
All Leases = BUY 1 GET 2 FREE| Get 3 Unlimited WAVS - $50 Get 3 Unlimited STEMS $150 /For Instant Delivery visit www.GummyBeatz.Com
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Sy Smith
Listen to the R&B Soul sensation Sy Smith.
watch the rain fall down : i sit here watching the rain fall out said my window and hoping you come back to me back in my arms. perhaps then i can be at ease. while im with her i sense no pain in me only the pain of loseing you for that moment . [chorus] watch the rain fall down just watch it fall. i open my eyes and my tears fall like rain how much i love her and how she mean so much to me that she dno't know how much i do i just cant figure it out and i can't express this feeling and all i can do is [chorus] watch the rain fall down just watch it fall. dam just to feel your skin on mine. sl...
Dark Productions
nobody buys beats !!: okay this has to be said ! i have no idea why everyone thinks they can sell there beats nowadays ?? 2 points. 1-most of the people that get into rap now do everything themselves ..writing , production ,mixing ,etc ..they don't want anyone to help them ..especially in the music area 2-unless your SERIOUS about the MUSIC ..they will never pay for a beat ...NEVER ! but i guess if its super cheap .. (less than the price of a happy meal!) why not right......
Angel Australia
if you got it (then flaunt it): this song was co-written with a good friend of my T.Griffin. i am currently working on the music for it. i am going for an up tempo club track (think madonna 4Minutes/Rhianna dont stop the music) i hope you like it. the second verse still needs a little work to make it as long as the first. it may seem long but i assure you when mixed with the beat i'm looking for it's really not all that long. intro: hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey yeah yeah hey hey hey hey hey hey Chr: If You got it,(do do do) Why don't you flaunt It (do do do) If you have it Then why don't you give It ...
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