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artist: Fat Chance
From the album All The Marbles
Saint Slade on vocal
A return to the explosions, pimp informants, and hairy cops of the 1970's Police TV shows. You can almost smel
title: Sex me up
Politicalamity, 2006. CC.
artist: zenmasheene
first and only take so i messed up a few times
artist: 18th issue
title: WHEN
(soundtrack: Amazing Twins) Everything's fine, everythings clear. I just know that you're inside my mind.....
This is an extended version of a song I wrote about my wife Stacy.
artist: KoLoRz
title: Come Inside
artist: The Brew
title: Pasmado
Funk Rock
artist: Booyaka
Funky little insects!
artist: boris
Are We ???
artist: Monkey Toast
title: Monkey Funk
instrumental that is as funky as.....chips
title: Ketchup!
This is about Junk food, processed food, altered food, artificial food, and the fact that we can't trust what
artist: Claude Gagne
An upbeat instrumental
artist: Redd Tape
Damn it's fine! Still to be polished stdio edit. Very rare.
artist: NINJABOX
title: Ok, Ok, King
Funk rock. I am made to always buy her present just and I cannot make love with her... I was tired!!
artist: 40LOVE
title: Thing4U v1.1
prone before the throne of The Godfather of Soul. two verse demo.
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Sy Smith
Listen to the R&B Soul sensation Sy Smith.
hood tone
Download Hood Tone Music now!!!: I know you saying how is Hood Tone.But his is a young new rnb artist that have his own lable and first album "On The Rize" that poppin worldwide the album is steat to drop May 1, 2009.SO come and download so of Hood Tone Singles now.
Ronnie Brasco
TOP 5 Producers of All-Time...weigh in on this one if you dare!!!: Okay, here is my top 5 producers/beatmakers of all-time. I could probably go much further than 5 but I wanted to keep it short and sweet. FYI, this does not include people that are primarily artists (like Prince, Stevie Wonder). 5. DeVante Swing (Jodeci) 4. Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins 3. Dr. Dre 2. Timbaland 1. Quincy Jones Honorable Mention: RZA, B.Cox, R.Kelly, Neptunes and Kanye GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK PEOPLE!!!...
CHECK IT!!!: WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS This is the Daknoxx, 2 Reel Productions Ceo. This to encourage everyone to check out the new songs by Stefanie Adkerson- "Why You Let Me Go" and Sasse- " Handcuffs" . Two new hot joints from two talented young ladies! Handcuffs produced by "Yours Truly" Daknoxx and Why You Let Me Go produced and written by P.T. (BlackPeace Ent.) Please go listen @ www.myspace.com/ knoxxdamystro Also,please Tweet, Text, Call Friends, blog, whatever you do to help us get this music out; please leave comments; your feedback is greatly appreciated....
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