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Instrumentals :: Hardcore
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Sy Smith
Listen to the R&B Soul sensation Sy Smith.
SoundClick Staff
Easter egg hunt 2008: Egg No. 4: Here we go: we hid virtual Easter egg number 4 (of 5) somewhere on a SoundClick artist page. The first one to find it will win $50.00! To claim your prize, you must be the first person to post here where exactly you've found the egg. In this case just post the band or artist name and the song title. From time to time we post additional hints for egg #4 right here, so check back often. Here's your first hint: the egg is hidden on the "full song info" page of a SoundClick band or artist. The egg will look similar to the 3 eggs found before. Good luck, happy hunting [go there]     [51 comments]
just thinking of you : Normally this time you wouldn't find me here just thinking of you I'd be reaching for phone hopeing you call.but instead all i do is think of you i just take a second and look back on all i had its was good Chorus: But notthing there when everything is lost You ain't around to give this old soul a time. So come on bring it on, there is notthing there when everything is lost Another day after bye I'm searchin' for my phoneonesc agend hopeing you call last nite when i pass out on a stranger's bedroom floor tell me ? shouldn't I feel guilty I don't feel a thing for ...
Abstrakt Angel
Arrrgh!!!!!!!!!: so i've realized a long time ago how hard it is to come up with a song sometimes with meaning. you know something to get your point across but makes sense, not just gibber jabber. lol sometimes jibber jabber works, but not all the time. i always thought that if i didn't complete the song i never would. and i then realized that sometimes you gotta take a break, move on to another song or just clear your head for a moment. the rest of the track may not come to mind until the next day or more, but when it does come to you, there's no stopping and you end up with a track you're proud of becaus...
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