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artist: Fusionbear
Can a Christian lose his salvation? No!
artist: Anne Brehm
No matter what you are faced with through your every day life, always remember that GOD is ALL you need to mak
artist: Dope Opera
quick&dirty approximation of the bass line from "the xx - fantasy"
artist: SYN CITY
Bro. Roderick shares his passion for Christ Jesus in this deep inspiring testimony. God is the way to VICTORY!
Instrumentals :: Beats General
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mother said I was born wicked-page 8: One day I climbed a tree and put my hand inside a nest, the next thing I know is I was lying on my chest, my face was big and swollen just couldn’t feel my tongue, from the tree I had fallen and by wasps I’d been stung, felt like I was beaten and thrown to the ground, my head started spinning with sparks flying around, they called the emergency unit for a surgeon, you know who, this person always came when needed and knew exactly what to do, granny warmed up some water with thick brown sugar then stirred it into a paste, used her hands very gently and daubed it over my...
MASTER PLAN VERSUS RELIGION: At the age of 19 my Mother moved from Dalvey, St Thomas to live in Kingston Jamaica where she shared an apartment 8-9 years with 2 other girls, one of them was my fathers cousin, so that’s how they met, though my mother described it as, “Claiming to visit his cousin every time he came, until he popped the question of marriage to her one day”, so they finally got married in August 1952, then she moved to Redlands in Clarendon and I was born the following year August 1953, until my father emigrated to London in 1955. Up until she met my father, she studied and learned how to be a seamstress, and...
Testimony Pt.1: (Part * 1) *Born and raised in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas, TX, I grew up in a low income family. Of 6, but my family never let us know that we were scraping ends to make ends meet. *at about the age of 7, my moms and pops split up and I lived with my pops and 3 older sisters. I would see my moms from time to time,, but the separation caused a plunge in my grades at school. It was then my spiritual journey began. I always knew something was missing, but never knew what. I looked towards the stars and mystical things that were unexplained hoping to find answers. *See, I was raised C...
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