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artist: Foma
title: Poor G.W.
'Bout this cat-works for the Guv'ment-taint cool 'tall.
Doug is joined by five community leaders to discuss the impact of privatization of public services. (Part 1 of
artist: 333maxwell
911 calls of altercation in background between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. This audio was compressed
artist: Girardey
my take on the political scene in America today....
artist: Kameltow(us)
title: Ruby Red
this song is about precious our freedoms are. If we don't stand up for our right as a peoples, we can lose the
artist: Greg n Deb
title: SOCIETY
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Working it OUT - new year solutions: join us on the station and tour with host Traci K and get in the best shape in areas of your lifestyle. Join us with Fitstyle Magazine in support of 501 FPLA to take the challenge. When you download and buy the programs on the weight loss and much more you are getting a therapy with music that can blow your mind, body and spirit to a NEW YOU FITstyle is about image design and health. supporting those who are members and their chances to become pro. In return getting reviewed and with a program we want to take it to national and global online and on shows. Each one ...
mother said I was born wicked-page 3: She knew about alternative remedies And the best treatment for boils and sores, No matter what kind of sickness Our granny was able to cure. I remember once we had long worms Dangling out of our bums, Such parasites were these creatures That out they refused to come, So she went outside to chop some bark From a big tree in the yard, She lifted her machete high And drove it down really hard, Granny rinsed the bark, she boiled it well And made us both some tea, “Dis bitter drink; she said to us “Will mek yu bowels free,” Soon the worms started to wriggle And w...
Phil Platt's Tin Of Snakes
The Day The Musuc Died: In 1972 Don McLean wrote the classic "American Pie", and in the song he sang the words "The Day The Music Died", Even though I was a rock fan there was something in that statement that was a bit haunting, Was it because we all thought it was something that could never happen? I have been in a musician most of my life, although I have never made mega money it always supplied a kind of famine / feast kind of living, I have seen it metamorphose into various cults and crazes, I started playing in bands about 1968 and in them days nearly all the top bands such as The Stones, Beatles, The Who, T...
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