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Young summer love and sweet lead guitars. These days I clear out of South Padre before the March break mayhem
title: Aqua Blue
The color aqua blue evokes a very happy, humorous, and sincere emotion in me. I tried to capture that emotion
title: Karelia
The Spotnicks cover. Backing Track - Goran Tangring
artist: Jerry Dean
Original... Just shaking the dust off
title: Riparian Way
Remembering the surf bands of the 60's & 70's Huntington Beach La Jolla Santa Cruz Blacks Beach Malibu Half Mo
artist: JakeJ
title: Lets Ride
Here's a fun surf rock tune with lots of guitars and reverb... enjoy
artist: Ken Sacco
title: surf 2
Playing over backing track from
artist: C Norden
Resembles a film theme song.
artist: Flying Foxes
A day at Salt Creek....a long time ago
artist: Oberhofer
My version to a backing track by TNut for the LPF Jam Zone. Kloppmann equipped Relic Strat, AxeFx II Blackface
artist: Airesound
Bridge pickup first followed by neck pickup then both together and finally neck pickup briefly at the end. Pla
A collaboration between Martin Gotz, Bernd Oettinger (Germany) and Kayla Williams. A Tribute to great californ
title: MoosePieRock
Rock-Surf almost with Sax lead built with FL Studio.
Greg Helin on bass and rythem guitar John deobke on drums John Matteson on vocals, rythem and lead guitars
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The Stealth Mosquitoes
Surf Rock
"Crystal 7X"
Tasmanian rock band blending a range of styles making dynamic music influenced by the space and ambience of Tasmania.Check out our music, some cool photo's, and if you're in Tasmania come for a surf with Mike and Steve.
Faith Lew's Profile (Shanghai Kiss): My name is Faith. I am in my mid 20's & I was born in 1986. While I won't really go into details about me, but if you want to know something, ask it. If it is something rude, insulting, or just perverted... I will ignore you for sure. For those of you who have harassed & harmed me in life & online, good luck. As far as I am concerned... You don't exist. And if you hack my facebook or other websites, you'll be sorry. I am generally a nice, caring, fun loving, open minded/open hearted woman who loves her husband & family & friends. Now, if anyone, male or female, wants to befriend me, that's...
any ways back on the beaten path for more. yes i will call but then cant because of work camp and now the job how do i do what they want me to do when they dont help me at all but then at any other instance call me an adult and or kid when the situration fits them best. i just want my plans to go smoothly whatever they might be
sending nudie pictures to the cloud: aw come on girls really tell me what do you really think the cloud is do you picture a big fuzzy safe place in the sky with my little pony and hello kitty roaming around in a knee deep fog? the cloud is some thing some computer geeks thought up so they could make money storing your stuff. if you upload your nudie photos to it you are in reality uploading them to a giant hard drive in a big warehouse located god knows where and staffed by god knows who. there are workers there that have master passwords that over ride yours they are called administrators while alas you are called a user. do y...
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