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A haunting song that softly creeps like a fog across the Scottish moors
Matthew Scott--Synthesizers, drums, bass; John Pfeifer--Vocal, electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, music/ly
CD Remastered and Re-released on 2018 A song for two hearts. In connection with Art Of Music, song #7 on CD.
artist: Cosmos II
Ponderings about where the universe came from
artist: Bellegante
A Little Food For Thought..... New Strat...
One more for the road
Recorded circa 1975 at Pete's house during the Urban Swampgrass era.
artist: Steve Domer
Up-temp folk rock song with a reggae feel
Compelling folk rock ballad featuring wolf howls as a legitimate and effective part of the harmony vocals.
artist: Robert Moss
title: Crazy Love
Sometimes it's just crazy.....
Observing people, offering no answers. Version B is on Americana charts
title: Away
Ellen Everitt and Wendy Everitt on vocals.
artist: 70x7
A light-hearted and fun folk rock song about John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus Christ, based on the bo
A Folk/Rock tune I wrote in !966...recorded in 2004...Ed Powers plays lead guitar
artist: Vic Arnold
Rock. Mid Tempo. Some build. Some destroy.
artist: GE Baldwin
My wife Leany was directing a big musical production of "Shenandoah", and I was inspired to record my own vers
artist: Blue Lotus
title: Junkamoo Jam
Swing Jazz with a Folk Rock Twist
artist: ron fletcher
a beautiful ballad for my dear friends who were taken to soon
title: Bad Water
I put all the pieces together and wasn't happy with it. I tried another vocal and adjusted levels and this tur
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Robert Keenan
Rock :: Classic Rock
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Lightnin Harry Dee
Folk Rock
All songs are written and performed by Lightnin' Harry Dee. Special thanks to Fred Gallagher (guitar) J.J. Fenderbender (drums) AND Elliot Baron (bass)...The LHDee Band.... In Memory of the late Frank Cutrona, coauthor and vocalist on I'm An Alcoho..
Auto-Tune in Music: My Thoughts: Does anyone who knows music, notice that, almost everything you hear on the radio like T-Pain and every other kind of music sounds obviously Auto-Tuned? My friend George thought it makes everything computerized musically sounding. While I have nothing against Auto-Tune, but to an extent. It can be a bad thing, because it artificially makes the music sound perfect. But computerized and all that. Yes you're right, George. It doesn't just happen in Rap but Rock and R&B too. I have Auto-Tune at home, but I don't mess around with it. I like to keep my music PURE, but with some pitch correc...
Another completed, a new one begins: After a few years doing this project of mine I thought I would stop by now. I've just finished my 126th song and believe me its not about quantity I just kind of find it easy to do. Many of my songs I've already written in the past some of them are 30+ years with a few here and there that I have written recently. Now I find myself working on track 127. Anyway thanks for listening to my songs and thanks for making my song "Its Getting Old" peak at number 11...
Event Horizon: Just released a new track. It's reggae dub. Event horizon. Dave and I put it together a few months back, and I just finally mastered it. I tried not to over compress it and make it too loud. I wanted to leave in some dynamics. Hope you like it if your checking in.
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