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artist: Jack Hassall
title: Stella Blues
Listener comment: "Think Joe Walsh, Spirit, Stones. Nice driving slide guitar work by Jack Hassall on this ins
artist: Evan Paul
title: THE PARTY
I wrote this way back in the 70's when I first saw Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke. I recorded it in 2004. Fina
Delicious, wet notes pour from Gary's SG Custom, The Black Assassin.
title: Interfere
Matthew Scott--Harpsichord, piano, synthesizers, lyrics; Andy Dofner--Trained vocal; John Pfeifer--Cynical voc
artist: Zythum
Recorded at Zythum Studios 2016
1) Sky Rider 2) The Calling 3) Out of your Mind 4) She's Got the Look 5) Save the Day
Similar words have been sung before but it's a powerful enough sentiment, well worth repeating, that warranted
Peter MacIntyre Vocals, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
artist: AvMo
title: Broken
Some Classic AvMo Rock.
artist: Haven (USA)
title: Hold On
Out of sight but never out of heart, "Hold On" chronicles the journey of two soulmates brought together to ful
artist: Lee Shapiro
As more lies and confusion come from politicians, bringing things to another head, we desperately wait for Whe
artist: Doomtrain
Continuation of the "GAME'S" theme, this one tells the story of "Lara Croft"
title: Time To Fly
With the passing of my beloved wife Carline, this cd is a dedication of my love.
artist: Cosmos II
About a lover who arrives mysteriously and then vanishes
artist: Bellegante
A New Version & A Bit Better.......
Rock 'I Can Do It' Anthem
artist: Marc Meyers
title: NukeLore
Written in Rock format to emphasize the apocalyptic condition we're driven to.
artist: Cryterion
High energy synth-rock.
title: Riding High
An oldie........
Song about money, abortion, war, life and death.
title: Time
What would you do, if you could turn back the hands of time?
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