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title: Hard Times
Rocker about the things we do that gets us in trouble.
artist: Rick Gross
"It's Gonna Rain" copyright Rick Gross,, inc. All Rights Reserved
artist: firesong
Christian country/rock...Thanks for making this song a #1 Christian Rock song on the SOUNDCLICK charts!
artist: 70x7
A hard-driving rock song from 70x7's brand new "Born Again and Again..." CD, available at
Dedicated to my friend Gary Forbes, thank you for your friendship and support....
artist: Wes Rutt
title: Jam 54
Jam kicking around idea for instrumental break. Guitar hastily improvised so be kind!
Paul has been given this revelation
artist: wiggymusic
A Contemporary Christian rock tune
A dark hymn written and performed 30 days before the controversial 1978 death of Catholic Pontiff John Paul I,
artist: Iron Will
The title/question (and quote) are from a famous historical figure, questioning an even more famous Person. It
artist: 33 Miles
title: Stand Amazed
Thoughts back at a time before I was saved.
title: In you alone
"In you alone" is a song inspired by the Holy spirit. It's a worship song of revival to encourage, lift, and d
Remastered a song I wrote long ago...In His Love. I added more vocal tracks, etc. to it and put it up a couple
Punky Jesus Rock anthem with verses from the classic Charles Wesley 1749 hymn "Soldiers of Christ Arise".
artist: Oldmangrady
This is the same song that I posted earlier but with a slightly different feel. I wanted to try it as a keyboa
Feat. Wendel Taladua
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Rick Gross
Christian Rock
"It's Gonna Rain"
Rick Gross,, inc., all rights reserved "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run, and not be weary and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40.3
music: hey everyone all my new tracks are now on reverbnation under rob mackie i just find it a much better set up and far easier than soundclick (sorry peeps but there is to much messing around on here i have'nt got the patience anymore) so all my new music will only be uploaded to reverbnation) i will keep this account open but will no lomger update it
jeffrey michael miller
The Devils Arms !!: An old man walks the streets at night He's looking for a fool He acts so meek and tender But he's arrogant and cruel He's not what he appears to be He's wicked and he's odd He speaks in tongues of babel And he doesn't serve his God Persuasion is the mask he wears He'll act like he's a friend His purpose is to devastate And see that you're condemned His purpose is to lure you in A fish hooked on the line He hopes that you won't recognize He's evil by design He's been around forever Old as all the grains of sand He'll tell you what you want to hear Then offer you his h...
jeffrey michael miller
Don't You Have Enough !!: What happened to the forrest To the squirrels and to the trees More land for the wealthy And industrial disease The landscape was so beautiful Especially in fall Now the land is concrete For another shopping mall Don't you have enough You need to take a little more Every hundred feet Another Wal-Mart megastore I prefer the country But there's hardly any left You're stealing from the youth You've been found guilty of the theft All the gorgeous land Became a filthy parking lot Monuments to greed Of what a rich man came and bought Life for all you wealthy must be so...
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