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artist: Rick Gross
"It's Gonna Rain" copyright Rick Gross,, inc. All Rights Reserved
artist: Iron Will
The title/question (and quote) are from a famous historical figure, questioning an even more famous Person. It
artist: 70x7
A hard-driving rock song from 70x7's brand new "Born Again and Again..." CD, available at
Sometimes you just have to drop to your knees and pray to the lord. Hope you like it.
Dedicated to my friend Gary Forbes, thank you for your friendship and support....
After my parents passed away in '05,'06, I wrote this based on a dream about them.
1992/ Rock/ Acoustic Rock - Written by Bernie Hahn and the First song on the 'God War' CD this song tells it l
title: Hold You
Ballad about being forgotten.
Remastered a song I wrote long ago...In His Love. I added more vocal tracks, etc. to it and put it up a couple
artist: firesong
Progressive rock communion hymn...Thanks for making this song a #1 song in the Christian Rock chart
A dark hymn written and performed 30 days before the controversial 1978 death of Catholic Pontiff John Paul I,
One pass of my #1 and an overdubbed electric. Dave Rosky provided the bass. The song is based on a public d
artist: Rich Russom
Spiritual Blues For Those Who Find It Difficult To Live In The Moment, those who Try EveryDay To Have Faith, H
artist: ChristAXX
title: Drifter
Christian Southern Rock
artist: Ken Norberg
The first song I ever wrote! A swampy little tune about the works of God as recorded in the title book...
artist: 22FIVE
One from the Reign archives... way back in 1989.
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Nights in Berlin
New School
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Rick Gross
Christian Rock
"It's Gonna Rain"
Rick Gross,, inc., all rights reserved "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run, and not be weary and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40.3
A little out of sorts: A very bad start to September as I have managed to miss 2 gigs due to health problems. I have injured myself somehow and been stuck flat on my back. Its been a bit of a crap month really. My back injury seems to be mending and I have been out playing gigs again though I am really feeling it. I discovered that I have something caused by vitimin D deficency that has caused my bones to soften which explains a lot of the pain mysterious pains I have been getting over the last few months and also the lack of concentration and extreme tiredness which I put down to depression at the time but w...
GREAT FAMILY CHRISTMAS DINNER!: Dear friends, We had a wonderful Christmas dinner at my mothers rest home! We took group pictures of the family with mother! We gave her Christmas presents and listened to my nephew play Christmas music on the grand piano! We had a Nice buffet sit down dinner and everyone had a Wonderful Time! I hope the weather will coperate so that I can see her on Christmas DAy as well! I wish you all a Very Blessed Peace Filled Christmas! Take care of yourselves! Will talk to you soon! I hope to get my best songs put on another cd for sell soon! Tell me if you need me to pray for anyone? ...
jeffrey michael miller
Just Another Soldier !!: I'm just another soldier Stomping in my boots Doing all my duties Training new recruits Carrying a rifle Carrying a wrench Standing at attention Digging out a trench I'm just another soldier Serving out a tour Readying for chaos Readying for war I'm just another soldier Tossing a grenade Holding off an ambush Going on a raid I'm just another soldier Laying here in wait Setting all my traps up Putting out the bait I'm just another soldier An officer of rank Armored like a Hummer Armored like a tank I'm just another soldier Standing at my post Waiting for a ...
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