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artist: firesong
From my 40th Anniversary of Songwriting Concert...Nov. 11,2017
artist: Rick Gross
"It's Gonna Rain" copyright Rick Gross,, inc. All Rights Reserved
artist: Makeshift3
title: Irish Sky
title: Take it Back
Grooving Rocker about finally snapping God can gives back what the enemy has taken. We just have to pull up o
artist: Rob Caley
title: Come To Me
A song of faith for difficult times.
artist: 70x7
A hard-driving rock song from 70x7's brand new "Born Again and Again..." CD, available at
Dedicated to my friend Gary Forbes, thank you for your friendship and support....
artist: Axe Of Mercy
You'll like it. I promise!
After my parents passed away in '05,'06, I wrote this based on a dream about them.
title: We Believe
If you're into Evanescence, I think you'll like this. Driving guitars, catchy hooks, soaring vocals.
artist: dcoyusa
Our mind and hearts need to be open to Jesus
Worship song with Romans 8 focus in the style of he whose name rhymes with Shelton Hahn
artist: APmusic
title: Footprints
Hans Von Bous: Music & arrangement, acoustic guitar, lead vocals, bass, drums, lyrics Lee Sommers: Lead guita
Paul has been given this revelation
title: Oh John Paul
A dark hymn written and performed 30 days before the controversial 1978 death of Catholic Pontiff John Paul I,
One pass of my #1 and an overdubbed electric. Dave Rosky provided the bass. The song is based on a public d
artist: BluesJA
title: Tribulation!
"Just look around you man. It's bound to scare you man. But you say, over and over again my friend, you don't
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Rick Gross
Christian Rock
"It's Gonna Rain"
Rick Gross,, inc., all rights reserved "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run, and not be weary and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40.3
Casia-1 (lyricist)
Song for Haiti "Bleeding Hearts": Song for Haiti "Bleeding Hearts" On the way to work on January 12th I heard of the tragedy in Haiti. My heart immediately went out to these people and I began writing a lyric in my head. That night I posted it in my virtual studio and invited a group of international collaborators to join me in producing this song. They all jumped on board and 7 days later we offer this song to Haiti and the wonderful people who lend a hand. We hope you listen to our message and feel it in your hearts to help make a difference. Music really is one of the few mediums that invoke true feelings of emotion ...
Began Building the Studio: I've decided to go ahead and start building out the soundproofed room in the garage. I have a pretty good design that will allow any future owners to convert the room to a workshop or storage but still allow me the space and functionality that I'm gonna need. .I broke my Ovation guitar last week, damn thing - it's repairable, but as many of you might know, dealing with the Ovation's sealed construction can be a pain in the ass. The Pre-amp connection came loose inside the guitar, now the strings have to go and I have to perform surgery, wish me luck. I'm working on a couple of things r...
well great that's just swell: the weatherman has been howling about a storm that was coming. well it got here and the first puff of wind blew a giant oak tree over onto my trailer. smashed it like a bug. i called the insurance guy and it's not covered. oh well i guess i will have to fix it myself or get another one great just great. right after the call to the insurance guy i went to the mailbox and picked up the daily mail oh boy the tax bill is here and due by the tenth. great just great. oh and what's this a letter from the state oh goody they say i have to pay a brand new fee "not a tax" for rural fire protection. ok s...
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