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title: My Baby Jane
Live in Netherland Folk Music ... by Pluxx7 Music Studio Live Concert Netherlands Rock Music Club77 https:
A more practical, less extravagant, love song.
I think of times like the dust bowel days when lots of people had to pull up stakes and leave there land/home.
from my album "Rock Bernd III"
A beautiful contemporary semi-Celtic piece with a surprising contrasting middle section which depicts a person
artist: Lee Shapiro
title: A Soul Alone
Another song heavily influenced by Counting Crows
artist: Vastman
We're in the moment when all needs to change... to transform our relationship with the world...
artist: Stockwrock
another love song inspired by my soul mate. this remix adds some vocal harmonies.
Originally dedicated to the fight against Fascism in WW2, this iconic Ukrainian song ironically can be rededic
A song written for the lyrics of Ute Annemarie Schuster. The lyrics where written for the picture from Tamin P
title: Natural High
A folk rock song about getting high on life
One more for the road
artist: Drew Man
Evan's track. Nice.
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Lightnin Harry Dee
Folk Rock
All songs are written and performed by Lightnin' Harry Dee. Special thanks to Fred Gallagher (guitar) J.J. Fenderbender (drums) AND Elliot Baron (bass)...The LHDee Band.... In Memory of the late Frank Cutrona, coauthor and vocalist on I'm An Alcoho..
Lego Pickup Winder: The other day I was rewiring a push pull pot on my RG. While performing the final checkthat everything was wired and producing signal before mounting back the pickguard, I noticed the middle single coil reacted as dead. I like the sound of the single coil in the middle so I had to repeir it. Except I don't have a pickup winder, and doing it by hand was not an option. I've done it before and it was a disaster, besides taking weeks to unwind and rewind the pickup. So I thought of the Lego kits I have kept from my childhood (that wasn't so long ago) . I spent a couple of hours and...
Interview with Heavy Metal Nation: Sifu Stephen Doe Interview August 2007 Band Members: Sifu Stephen Doe Record Label Independant -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sifu Stephen Doe Interview - August 2007 - By Pharmer4 Sifu Stephen Doe is a guitar virtuoso originally from Springfield, now in Manchester, who has a penchant for martial arts and music. He has little time for bands that he thinks are losing their touch, and even less time for manufactured musicians. I spoke to him about what he has been working on recently. Pharmer4: Let's get the simpl...
the more blogs button: when I click the more blogs button down at the bottom of the blogs preview thingy on the side of my members page keeps telling me error 404 you're doing it wrong. but it's no I am not doing it wrong unless soundclick has a particular way I am supposed to hold my tongue while I left click the little blue text link more blogs button kinda irritates me the cutsy picture on the 404 page of some thing goofey and insinuating I do not know how to left click a link the nerve of those guy's cutsy picture indeed and saying I me the guy that bill gates gave a free copy of windows 7 because I contributed...
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