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title: Mornin Blues
ACDC/CLASSIC ROCK/NEW UNSIGNED L ROCK/ROCK N ROLL Email dockers@manx.net *** Please Leave Comment ***BAND/OLD
artist: Byre Quest
Great Hammond intro and a rockin roller.
Deep Urban Groove with Rock-Elements.
artist: Nerp Flerps
Driving rock tune with collaboration by Edgar Nunez on lead guitar, piano and bass.
title: Crossroads
Tried to capture the flavour of claptons 60's playing with a modern sound Enjoy loud!!!!
A song I wrote many years ago, finally recorded and released in its original arrangement and lyrics. There is
artist: Wes Rutt
title: Who You Are
Song for my Daughter
artist: Robert Ewing
Lyrics - Mark Ewing, Music - Robert Ewing Mark Ewing - Vocals, Guitar Robert Ewing - Guitars, Bass Guitar St
artist: laz7
Eric-bass, Mitch-drums, Zach-vocal and me on guitar. Recorded at Kronos
I was channeling Pink Floyd for this piece... When I was a kid I LOVED Floyd and listen to them on 8 track....
artist: Gooose's OMO
This Flight Tonight; originally performed by JONI MITCHELL. ALL tracks; including the 'sucky' vocals; by yours
artist: Jossh
title: ComingAlive
Plain unpolished rock tune
Written back in the late 70s be J.G. Lewis and Steve Rae.. Copyrighted 1976 Match Records/RSProductions
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yep i done it: yes you are right I sure do take a lot of liberties with the stuff I find laying around on the internet. files loops samples by the hundreds I try to not use things that are copy righted but some times it's hard to tell. I hope I do not get into too much trouble with anybody over it. but really if you have ever listened to my stuff it's all pretty crummy anyway and not intended to make any kind of profit from. and if you hear something that belongs to you just let me know my delete button is always close at hand so just tell me and poof it's gone. now I am not talking about stuff I said that...
Dexter Rotten Information: In this project alone in the studio, Lew plays all the instruments and writes all the songs in the one-man band Dexter Rotten. Lew recently discussed reasons for Band of Asians breakup in interviews in blogs and indie music communities online that Bandalisms (also a real book on the sociology of rock bands) were the reason for the breakup. And that, he was displeased with how Band of Asians was treated in the music industry in terms of opportunity and ambitions to get famous. And that, he wanted to take time off of Rock And Roll music to finish college with a Philosophy BA at CSU East Bay. ...
My music would have badly been a failure if it was the 80's or 90's.: I get the feeling since my music is more of a 2010s thing socially and musically for various reasons. Mainly because how Society has opened up towards non-White rock musicians and artists very slightly better than previous decades and that there's Internet making it much easier for unsigned and indie musicians and bands to get heard, I wonder what would have happened if my music was around during the late 80's and early 90's instead? I believe, my music and myself would have fared much worse musically and personally during the 80's or early 90's. How society was then was a bit different th...
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