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title: School Girl
Bob Keenan,with folk guitar and Joe LaManna on bass pictured.
artist: ChristAXX
title: All Night
Classic Rock
I wrote a brief history of 1960s music from the Beatles to Woodstock. Dedicated to the late Richie Havens, Woo
title: Revolution
My views about what's going on today.
title: Pasadena
Original classic rock composition.
artist: Frugal Amps
A great single power tube (EL84) and single preamp tube champ style amp with a lot more balls. Nice clean ton
artist: ViaKarma
title: In My Way
Live practice - 2 SM81's in X/Y through an Alesis Masterlink
artist: Harry Edgar
title: Rosa
This song is about a little rocker called Rosa
artist: Nickle 98
title: Paradise
I wrote this song in my gararge. All tracks were first time recordings. It just turned out so nice I left it a
A classic rock sound,Candace doing vocal harmonies & percussions...our good friend/songwriter/artist/Wade Farl
artist: mekkemusic
An introspective song - I just got a Les Paul that day and I needed to write something
title: Good bye
Had enough?? wanna say good bye to love?? would be nice not to hurt...but, who are we kidding
artist: Bainzy
Demo using just the strat (stock) and the Marshall. Speaker is a '73 Celestion G12M.
artist: The Flawed
Track 3 - 'Anytime, Anywhere' EP. Recorded Oct. 2004. Featured as a bonus track on latest CD.
Hard melodic rock with a progressive edge.
title: Balaclava
Naked Crusaders, UFOs, Robin Hood, the Black Dalek, a soup covered Marshall stack & a portion of chips wrestle
artist: Teletracer
title: The Call
Home made on the computer. The keyboards and drums are programmed, but the guitars and the bass are real. ;)
artist: AvMo
title: Broken
Some Classic AvMo Rock.
A Cover Rendition Of A Song By STING/& The Police.
Musik&Text sind von mir. Die Instrumente (Gesang, Gitarre, Bass, Keyboards) wurden von mir mit meinem Home Rec
artist: Hells Blazer
MY cover of Ronnie James Dio's Rainbow eyes from the album Long live rock n roll Rain bow eyes.
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barney fife's : what there is are way too many barney fife's and not enough sheriff taylors. they just got to quit blasting people to pieces without actually being in danger themselves I watched them blast a crazy woman to pieces because she was drunk and was waving a kitchen knife around crazily.i would have just walked right up to her and said you looney b*** give me the knife before you hurt yourself. I mean she was a little tiny woman one slap and the knife would have flown right out of her hand but it was no. they yelled at her to put down the knife from fifty feet away and when she stood up and began to...
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