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This song is a collab with Twist who also provided most of the lead guitar and all the production. Thank You T
artist: firesong
Soft ballad...a new arrangement on an old song
artist: Hardheaded
If it's hot then give God the glory. If it's not then blame me
artist: Mike Fisher
Ballad about God's mercy and grace.
artist: 70x7
title: SING OUT!
Written as a joyful and triumphant opening song for modern worship, its also the opening song on 70x7's new "B
title: I miss you
This songs about a deep longing to know God in contrast to the shortcomings of our nature as human beings.
Inspired by CPL STEVEN R KOCH, 82nd Airborne Div. KIA 3/3/08 Afghanistan & In memory of his sister, Lynne C. K
title: You Found Me
A Christian song originating from my testimony of what Jesus Christ did in my life. This was a collaboration w
Arrangement, female vocals and final mastering by Tammy Swindell, Thank you Tammy. Lyrics, Melody, Guitar and
This is for the children, may your Christmas be Merry..... :) Modified from the original recording by Lord Har
artist: Debbie Day
We are a get it now society. The trouble is that in God's economy nothing happens instantly. Waiting is really
artist: Open Gate
The Beatitudes-Matthew 5:3-11
Intimate worship. Leads to spontaneous free praise towards the end. Nice acoustic guitar work throughout. All
CD: In My Father's Arms Label: Swan Productions of Hawaii Credits: Producer, Arrangements, Programming, a
artist: Louis Twinn
title: Season's
Vocals/Production Michael Zaneski
artist: BJ Collins
Recorded live on August 21, 2016. BJ on keys, Duane on lead guitar, Rich on acoustic guitar, Rege on drums, S
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Jeffrey Phung
Internet Release Announcement: Sweet 18: Hey everyone! In celebration of my 18th birthday, I've decided to release a new mini-album of all completely original tracks on January 23, 2007 (I turn 18 on the 28th). This 6 track compilation showcases a different sound unlike anything I've done before, so I really hope people will listen to it and enjoy it. The title track, "Sweet 18," is an upbeat pop tune with a similar vibe to BoA's song "Nanairo no A sh** a ~Brand New Beat~." It's a light track about being with someone who the people around you don't approve of but being old enough to say, "Hey, it's okay, it's you and me no matter ...
Patience & Perseverence: Patience and Perserverence are two of the main ingredients needed to succed or get anywhere in this musical empire. If you try to go too fast, you are more at risk of missing something or falling into the many pitfalls. And on the other scale of things, if when things don't seem to be going your way or as planned, this is where perserverence comes in, as you must perservere and stick it out, ride out the storms and hill climbs that are bound to come your way, as you thrive for that success and breakthrough. Don't give up at all. Trying to rush for that overnight or even yearly success, can...
Facebook: You know, I hear a lot of people who are not on Facebook complain about the amount of time that those who are on Facebook spend updating their status, chatting, commenting, etc. They act as though it is a total waste of time and I'm here to disagree. As I've mentioned, I moved away from an area where I had lived for over a decade. I made a great many friends and the fact of my life is that I am really bad at corresponding. The friends I have kept over the years have been the friends who don't mind sending letters and not getting them back. I love and think of my friends, but I always th...
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