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title: Suddenly
An uplifting bit of guitar and synth rock featuring compelling harmony vocals, melodies, hooks and riffs.
artist: MyndsEye
Just a nice groove tune about the old 9 to 5. (a song.. in a series of collabs. with guitarist John Fiore).
artist: Dyalock
title: So long
A song I wrote for myself and all my friends in music :)
artist: Cosmos II
title: Love Light
Another cosmic love song from Cosmos II
artist: Bellegante
Just Passin' Through, Nice to see You.
A footstomping, quirky piece of indie pop
artist: Penny's Scar
Children dying because of gang violence
Search for a long lost love.
A tribute to our nation. CREDITS. Mike: Rhythm Guitars, Vocals ~ Courtney: Bass ~ Harmonies: Isabella,
artist: Angel White
title: A Note
Soft rock
artist: Rooney Tunes
An appreciation of a deep connection
Special thanks to Future Bill & Ted. Rock On Most Excellent Dudes!
artist: Scarry Barry
A longer version that names names
title: Sales Girl
Written and submitted for the Steve Martin film "Shop Girl"
artist: Mevi Band
title: Bila
All About 'Cinta Jarak Jauh'
artist: 70x7
title: Childhood
A light and warm-hearted pop song that explores childhood and the impact of parenting on the path of the child
artist: Timiarah
A simple song about getting tired of what's on the radio. It's an oldie of mine (2010) but a goodie. Remastere
artist: DC SpaceDog
An up tempo reminder to keep looking up when times get tough
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Anne Frida
Norwegian Trolls # 6: On the other hand, if one had a good relationship with them, the livestock could yield much milk and get fat and sleek. That was why a well-filled bowl of porridge was put into the barn for them every Christmas Eve, and the porridge was always eaten up. Then, as now, some people say they can glimpse the trolls when walking in the forest and fields, so it is prudent to be extra careful when one walks in nature, especially when it starts to get dark. You never know what is out there or what you may meet. Remember that the trolls can see you!...
Ëéͧ¿Ñ§à¾Å§,ÇÔ¾Ò¡ÉìÇÔ¨Òóì§Ò¹à¾Å§,µÔ ªÁ ´èÒ ÊÒþѴàªÔ­ÊÑÁ¼ÑÊ´éÇÂËÙ´éÇ: Êe§a¾Å§ÁÒaËe¿Ñ§¡Ñ¹ae´e¹Ð¤ÃѺ ¢Ía©¾ÒÐa¾Å§·Õe¾Õea¹eͧa·Ó¡Ñ¹aͧa·eÒ¹Ñe¹ ¤Ø³¨Ð¡eͺ»Õe´Ñ´a»Å§ÍÐaeÃÂѧae§¡cae´ea·eÒ¹Ñe¹ aµe·ÕeÊӤѭÍÂeÒ·Ó¼Ô´¡®ËÁÒ¹ФÃѺ aÅeÇa´ÕeÂǼÁ¨ÐÁÒÇÔ¨Òói§Ò¹a¾Å§¢Í§¤Ø³µÒÁ¤ÇÒÁÃÙeÊOe¡¢Í§¼Á aÅeǾº¡Ñ¹¤ÃѺ...
guy francis
A beautiful Day: Today is a beautiful day; one we have never seen before,it is another day to show love to all we can.Today I'll say to everyone,peace,love and prosperity;in your homes,your lives,in all your concerns. God bless you all !!
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