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artist: GHW
Two nyckelharpor, octaveharpa, and feet!
artist: Wolfini
My effort at writing a kitschy acoustic Christmas Pop song.
artist: BJ Collins
A new Christmas song written by B.J. Collins recorded live 12/8/2016 with B.J. on keys and lead vocal, Rich on
Cover of the New Year's traditional song; auld_lang_syne_inst_01b
artist: Peter Stork
Why is Santa always so happy?
Christmas tune about families during Holidays... past and present. The adults change but the kids are the same
funny Christmas song written and performed by Ed Gowens and the Raysinettes plus Destiny
artist: Susan Raines
A Christmas Carol - With Fjam Studios Susan Raines - Vocals, Fred E. Jam - Music, arrangement, mix, master
Music composed by Jean-Paul Grois; Lyrics and Vocals by Tash; Produced by Sean Hurley; Guitars by Brad Heagler
Merry Christmas from Frank & SOGN!!!
A beautiful Christmas tune by TNuT...LPF and my Holiday fingers on some P-90s
artist: David Bazo
The story of young king, who was forced to runaway dressed like a beggar to save his life, because of a complo
Driving, guitar-based arrangement celebrating the arrival of the Christ Child.
Funny Bedtime Story for Grown-ups! (Track #1 on mp3 album: Shagging Around the Christmas Tree)
artist: Bub Roberts
IBANEZ JEM 777 into YAMAHA FX-770 recorded on 4 track cassette. Happy New Year to all that listen to these pa
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Hello!: I don't really write all that much in here, because honestly I had no idea it was here x__x;; I will post more in here as time goes on, I promise. It's been a while since I have recorded anything, mostly because of my busy school schedule. I have been taking voice lessons all semester though, so I hope I've improved a little since my last clip. I plan on recording some new stuff in a week or so, when I go home for thanksgiving break. So look forward to new stuff!...
Anne Frida
CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS: Preparations for the Christmas Holiday is mostly taking place during December. Most children have their "Christmas calendar" with a little numbered window to open each day. Usually it's a nice picture - or even a small piece of chocolate. We do a lot of housecleaning before christmas and we bake at least seven different cakes .Traditional cakes and cookies made at Christmas can be julekake (with raisins), kryddekake, delfiakake, rosettbakels, fattigmann, smultringer, goro, silkekaker, pepperkaker, kokosmakroner , krumkaker and sandkaker . Norwegians retain a great attachment to the t...
jimmy pate
Male Horizon Award Winner: The Agape Fest 2010 Fan Appreciation Awards have honored me with the Male Horizon Award. I tied with a great artist named Matt Vinnedge from Tennessee, and we are thrilled with the honor. You can go to www.kingcountryagapefest.com to see all this years' winners. Thank you so much to all the fans who voted for me and support what God is allowing us to do.
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