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artist: MMissary
title: One Child
What the birth of One Child would mean.
This song is a collab with Twist who also provided most of the lead guitar and all the production. Thank You T
title: I miss you
This songs about a deep longing to know God in contrast to the shortcomings of our nature as human beings.
title: Holy
From the 1995 album "The Other Side"
An empty heart can only be filled by God himself.
artist: Brad Bates
title: Only Love
A song that I helped on. Written by Bryan Kandel. Bryan plays guitar and keyboard on this track and I sing v
artist: postadavis
title: Good News!
Good news, the message of the evangelist.
title: You Found Me
A Christian song originating from my testimony of what Jesus Christ did in my life. This was a collaboration w
artist: Rick Gross
Jesus Changes Everything - Rick Gross,, inc. (Romans 11)(Zechariah 2:7-9)(Matthew 11:13)(Hebrews
Arrangement, female vocals and final mastering by Tammy Swindell, Thank you Tammy. Lyrics, Melody, Guitar and
This is for the children, may your Christmas be Merry..... :) Modified from the original recording by Lord Har
artist: Joe Aldworth
Don't let us lead you down the wrong path - okay / As we're just a bunch of sinning musicians still today /
Song for the Easter installation of the travelling pilgrim statue
Missing a loved one especially during the Holidays.
title: My Father
A meditative song about the attributes of God - The Father of all creation.
A praise and worship song encouraging the listener to "Share the Light"
Inspired by CPL STEVEN R KOCH, 82nd Airborne Div. KIA 3/3/08 Afghanistan & In memory of his sister, Lynne C. K
artist: Jim Melko
Well, Contemporary Christian doesn't quite grab it. I was told once that the blues were incompatible with Chr
title: Impossible
A song of praise and security in the saftely of God's love
We are Blessed with each new day!
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
It gave me more hope: Why would the mother of someone who supposedly passed away...who claimed to have forgotten not even love him...come back on his email account and send emails to himself for other people 3different languages?? >.<...It's so confusing. But what his mom's giving me more hope that he's at least alive. Otherwise, why would she be sending us these riddles in korean, chinese, and japanese?? O.o...but it seriously makes me wonder...What happened to him? Why is it that I hear so much from his mother whom claims he is dead...but nothing at all from him?...
alil something about my Chocolat: He's 17...skipped grades...went to Michigan University, Johnson & Wales, got accepted to Yale, planned on going to RISD and buying a house nearby. He loves magnolias. His favorite color flowers are blue and white xD. Is used to being dressed up as a girl and having makeup put on him. Is rich @.@ Half Chinese, half Korean. Does anything for the people he loves. Sleeps with a half sheep, half cow xD...ish very girly xP Speaks Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese. Loves everything that has to do with music. Likes anime^-^ and thinks a lot. He loves chocolate (he named himself "Chocolat" ...
Lone DragonFear aka LoneDF
mooncake festival ( and something else): 22/9/07 today we went to our grandma' house. to celebrate this chinese tradtional festival. same thing goes. we had a bbq. had so much from satay, to hotdogs, to chicken wings. from bbq pork, to nuggets. then we had a potluck draw. sth like lottery. my whole family got sth. my mum got a box of mooncakes. my pa got a $5 note(Grand prize) my sis got a piggy bank i got a little bear, but i gave to my sis. she loved so much , you see. well, girls are like that. liked these kind of fluffy fluffy stuff. can't blame them too much, you see. hahahahahahahahahaha. hope that every musi...
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