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title: We Are There
A Laid Back Beatlesque Slice of Organic Indie-Pop
artist: FR MUSIC
Music & Lyrics by John Lennon & Paul McCartney
Lovely Power Pop song with a heavy rock edge. Hit # 1 in Power Pop. Buy or stream Samsara's "Heart Set on Fire
70-80's sounding Power Pop
" He stopped and he kissed her......."
artist: Austn
title: TZR_XXX
Tune 'bout that 'Girl' we have set our eyes and druthers on...Is she a TZR or a pleaser???? we shall find out!
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy - Guitars, Wendy Haley - Vocals, Steve McCrum - Keyboards & Arrangement * Written by Wendy Haley, Do
artist: monsterpop
This is my own original Christmas song,from quite a few years ago.It has only ever been available on a compila
artist: Daddy G
I just wrote this beautiful ballad and it's about finding a new mate.
Rockin' in the Basement
artist: Marc Glinert
title: A Better Man
Written, played, sung, mixed and mastered by myself in October/November 2016. With huge thanks to my pal Alexi
artist: Vastman
We're running out of time, and the future is looking grim... but the solution is up above us... the Rays of Ho
artist: BRIAN T
title: HeRe's 2 U
"For dedicated people with passions use your talents.... "HeRe's 2 U" FEATURING:"Earl L." & "BRIAN T." on gui
Dynamic pop dance song inspired by Dieter Bohlen's 'Romeo and Juliet'. Written and produced by Anna C. Nova (A
title: Goodbye
A jim Norris Production all music and lyrics by Jim..Kathy Reynolds Vocals
artist: BGN
rough around the edges power pop
artist: Matt Tyson
Just having some fun with Beatles songs
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Swiss Frankie
Instrumentals :: Dirty South
Instant & Mobile Users - www.swissfrankie.NET | Questions? Email: SwissFrankieBeats@gmail.com | Desktop Version - www.swissfrankie.COM | Purchase any 3 HQ Untagged Leases for $49,99 only || Premium Lease - $74,99 || Unlimited License - $199,99
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
anita ingrid neilson
New Posts: Added some new songs at www.soundclick.com/anitaingridneilson, www.soundclick.com/anitaneilson, and www.soundclick.com/cepure. Hope you like them.
balihai music
The Song Blogger: Link: http://boholanocomposer.blogspot.com/ While most describe themselves as bloggers, I simply self-desribe it as song-blogging. The reason is obvious. On one hand, I love "painting music" (tunesmith-ing) in my ART SONGS and HYMNS adventures, since 2009 I was kind of thrown into something I didn't know I was capable of doing, i.e., writing lyrics for another songwriter. Funny, because it does have the appearance that I write with purely secular and "hard-rocking" lyrical themes. Kidding aside, this expereince has actually given me an opportunity to introspect, imagine and dare on putting...
June 13, 1999: I often think of what I´ve done everything wrong. For what I so often would be punished. I can not show people and I come before me worthless. I think of the time with him, she was the best of all my life there.I have noticed too late that his love was honest. I was hard and unfair to him - for fear of losing him. I did everything wrong, what I was wrong. I love him very much too, when I want to give up this love - Hard to describe, they are simply still lives in me. Unfortunately, probably not in him. It is so depressing that we have no friends, only 2 people are taken from random times....
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