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artist: Evan Paul
A very powerful love song, lyrics by Dorianna Ric, music and production by Evan Paul Kozaris and Stephanie on
artist: Cosmos II
title: Spring Dance
A fast waltz in honor of the 2010 warm early spring in the northeastern US
title: Soldiers
Soldiers is a song relating to the aftermath of war.
Original song written and recorded on procollabs.com by: MonkeyC, RAVEN, HootenAnnie, GoodVibes, and Tony Pist
artist: FindDani
The spirit of Danielle Ann Stislicki before she went missing December 2, 2016
title: Exhale
An exercise in harmony.
artist: AngelCry
This tune is a requiem of to the people who died of the Great Hanshin Earthquake And it is the song which it
artist: Jack Hassall
title: Steady Eddie
Nice and spacey and moody with a cool bass line.
Dedicated to Bozo Schuldt
Most of us have had vivid dreams that fill all the senses. If they are of people we know, they can even change
artist: Trick T Olly
This is an Ottawa song about skating on the Rideau Canal. On Aug. 5 1982, I wrote the first part of this song
Remembering growing up in America and current events
The intro depicts an eerie little lane which then blossoms into bittersweet melodies, lyrics and arrangements
A wistful ballad about getting away from it all
artist: Stockwrock
this song may help you catch up on your sleep. mellow enough to keep both cat and dog lovers happy.
artist: Pete Dowan
title: Miracle
Finally Found Love ...
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Bears win!: The Bears beat the Packers in Wisconsin. This has not happened since 2007. Both teams were missing their starting QB's and both teams have been ROCKED by injuries. The Bears won and I am good with that. There were at least 3 flags that should have been thrown but were not. There was also at least one call that was wrong, the replay's proved it but the refs did nothing. That is football though, it is not perfect and no amount of new rules will make it perfect. The only improvement needed now is a gps chip under the laces in the middle of the ball to help the refs spot the ball on disputed spots...
Beginning: My heart is totally empty in this lonely night. This is a story about "ME". You probably will think this is just a simple story with a boring, pitying tone. You are definitely right. I just a normal person and nothing special in my life for me to say it. But I really want to record something on my mind. A secret plot. Do I really want to do this? YES! Let's talk about music, love and life.
Away from time to time: Dear friends, I need to take some time away from time to time but I want you to know you are forever thought of with the highest regard. Thank you so much for putting up with me and most of all a special thank you from my heart to you my dears for loving and caring for me unconditionally no matter what the circumstances are. Take special care sweeties, smile, and stay happy. I miss you always, you are in my thoughts and prayers each and every day. Thank you for all the very sweet blessings. YOU ROCK my world !!! God Bless. Peace, much love and special hugs. I believe that love and kindn...
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