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An updated version of the classic rock track, full of passion and energy!
Fourteen year old Emma Scofield with a passion for singing recorded a four song demo at Sound Records . She li
title: Dizzy World
For the CBC Circus challenge, my take on the Cartoon Networks game soundtrack "Dizzy World (Infected Zone)"
artist: Keoraf
On special request of a friend (from IGT) I'm uploading this beautiful song. This version is played in the C
artist: WillJM
Cover song - Dallas Green/City & Colour
artist: BEiLA ROSE
title: L.o.V.e
havent written in awhile and i sound completely different now. this song was made awhile back for my current b
artist: Maxume
A strangely re-plucked version of the song made famous as a ringtone on LG cell phones.
artist: Click Rick
The Allman Brother's classic produced by Click Rick featuring Steve Nadelberg/ guitar.
artist: Tony DeLecce
title: I Feel Fine
New 2011 early Beatles favorite of mine. I remember when i first picked up a guitar and said boy if only I c
artist: Mjoll Holm
The song was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The Icelandic lyrics are written by Agnar Steinarsson. A song fro
(Carpenters cover) A cover song for the November 2010 CBC Cosmic Challenge. It's a quirky tune, first recorded
ShyAnne's niece, Collette Mailen, is singing this remix. Writer: DIDO ARMSTRONG, ROLLO ARMSTRONG, RICK NOWELS
I played this one on my Kamaka ukulele. Aloha Kuiokalani, you will always be remembered.
artist: Jarl (NOR)
cover of the Keane-song
artist: THE.RALCH
A tribute to the amazing Falco! XD
artist: Tom Reisner
Appropriately, the last song of the event. Lord knows I could not have pulled it off without a lot of help fr
A-Jays version of the classic Elton John song,
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Pop General
"Bebi Mada's"
uniquely unique
TO BALL, OR NOT TO BALL. THAT IS THE QUESTION... 2009 WRAP UP!: Will you believe me if I say that I love you, and care for you. I wish the best for you, her, him, she, they, them, me, and all of us. My greatest hope is that we can all be a great success in this life that we've been given... UNIQUENESS CAN SOMETIMES BE CONSIDERED A WEAKNESS. UNIQUEMERCY DECEMBER / 31/ 2009
Song Of The Angels
What is Music in Heaven Like?: Throughout history the images we have been able to see in fine art, commercial art and the ideas about how we will dress in heaven have painted as a white robe, which looks very much like a nightgown. This is so far from true. And so is the idea that there is only one style of music in heaven, which most people acquaint the the songs of the angels. Praise and worship is for sure the number one style of music in our Father's house, but there is so much more. Actually, there are varied styles of music much like what we have down here. Heaven in FUN! And the music there is no...
Lone DragonFear aka LoneDF
030614: hi guys. back here again.. awaiting for the balloting results for my school term coming out at 11pm. might have to wait a bit more. cause the servers might lag a bit. going to do another part-time job before school starts. going to be a photo-printing assistant with my former colleague. not bad though. there's a chinese saying that says "zuo sheng bu ru zuo shou" - it is always better to do something that you are more familiar with. just for a short period of two weeks to help print photos for kids afte...
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