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artist: Casagrande
title: Scream !
Simone Casagrande : Guitars,vocals,mixing&mastering. Drums played by Mattia degli Agosti. Bass by Raffaele d'A
This song will grab you by the throat, and shake your bones. Heaviest track written by the band so far! Victor
artist: Psycho Metal
Independent Underground Metal Psycho Metal - Download this track for free
Don't fear the Reaper. He may feel bad about his job, but that doesn't mean he's going to spare you.
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justin eichenlaub
Updating soon: I'll be adding a new song, pictures, and hopefully a better layout. And Get some of my partners stuff on here. Possibly get our band's page up. Not too worried about my solo stuff at the moment
the alien radio
ANTYKATHERA ,the new song, "BENEATH THE ICE": ANTYKATHERA ,the new song, "BENEATH THE ICE" is ice cold,eerie melodies, and sweet sounding guitars this song will put a crack head at ease!!!!!!
Das bunker freak!!: On friday i went to this club called Das Bunker out in L.A Some wirdo was followng me and trying to come near me...he insinuated that he had a weapon in is hand..he wouldnt really show his face..and was just scary ass hell.He followed me fro a while..eventually i left cuz man that sucked..i didnt want to end up one of those chicks found dead at a club..i guess i got lucky...
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