Born Wild
East Coast
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Drummer, Dave Goode kicks it deep into your cranium, while screamin' leads by Gary Skopick explode through you
artist: Guitarboy
Drums-Rick Brunetti, Bass-Bobby 'Radar' Martin, Guitars-Guitarboy * Written by Guitarboy * Produced and Maste
Poultry Death Metal Mania Music (I didn't see a genre for this?) Thanks to Tom for the Rooster borrow. You c
title: Bad Vibes
Released in 2017.
artist: GRID3
A Remastered Version Of The Song. Check it Out. New Materials Coming Soon :)
artist: mordisk
very rough demo of a new mordisk song. First 8 string song, first time using midi drums
artist: Noiseware
title: 23
V hve a n00 vokillizt!!11!!1! ZOMG!
artist: Seekers Pass
title: Victory
short, tight song with no solo breaks, just technically precise guitar work and no messing around
artist: Jimi Sweeney
title: And I Wonder
Getting heavy. Intro and end have acoustic guitar. Then it is loud rhythm guitar, fuzzed out lead guitars, thr
artist: Flying Foxes
Music: Nelson Araujo Lyrics : James Watson
artist: Brandon Burk
My first full-length recording/mixing project ever! I think it turned out great. I made it as a birthday gift
artist: BeeG
A couple of songs I've been working on. No real reason to make a teaser but why the hell not??
artist: Mlaykay
Progressive metal instrumental, gear used: Samplitude Pro X, Eleven rack, steven slate drums, schecter, Ernie
artist: IamOceanBand
new song from my band THE AMENTIA https://www.facebook.com/TheAmentia
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rock candy
Destroying The World: They think they're so smart-Look!See what we've done? We're almost there, soon we'll touch the sun Do you see it just takes your breath away But what if I like breathing this way We take it all out, put nothing back in Then wonder why we're in the shape we're in But, it's everybody else, there's nothing I can do Besides if they do it, then why not me, too? We're destroying the world. Well, how do you do, what can you do for me? Try to lock it up but it always breaks free Does anyone remember the Golden Rule? Of course they do, see- their bags are full Are there people reall...
05.04.2008: Die Tournee geht weiter - naechster Halt ist der SV Esslingen /Zell Alleenstr. 11 zusammen mit Chicken Skin (sprich Heilaenda und Co) Beginn 20.30 Uhr Im Lokal (das hat sich bewaehrt) ! Ein Tritt gibts bei NIchterscheinen ! Bis dahin Gute Besserung !
it's raing again on capecod..buti'm really happy because we just planted some new grass on our front lawn and it grows so well cuz' it has been so rainy,at least this year we finally had a spring......i can't wait until summer,and everything else that goes along with summer
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