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artist: KidCrusher
Metal Murder Mixtape (Vol.1)
artist: ChristAXX
Christian Rap Metal
Collab between Turkish Rapcore/Metal artist Ihtiram & myself Caust Draven. Prod. & mixed by Ihtiram. Aiight1-D
artist: Gruv Union
title: On The Move
Take over the world.
artist: Psycho Metal
Re-post follow and comment - This is Underground Self Made Music @psychometal @followersofpsychometal @remixbr
artist: Joey Cutless
Performed and written by Majority Rulez - Produced by Joey Cutless
title: Sh*t Goddamn
Just jam damn it!
Track 12. Album "Day One" available digitally and physically everywhere. Album on iTunes: https://itunes.appl
artist: Mike.Piccard
title: Damaged
song about my past and past habits. "i told you i dont part take, it brought me too much heartache" sums it up
Hard Rock Rap. Prod by Vtzee,Rob & Trophimus
artist: KaOs01010
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d.saunders d.woods c.bridges b.hoyle m.hayes,a.myers
title: Battle Cry
Greyhoundz - Battle Cry theme song of Bellato one of the biggest online game in the Philippines (RF)
artist: V.I.C Crack
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Shell Shock
New School
Regular License $50 | Premium License $70 | Professional License $100.
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March Entries for Decaptured has entered three songs to be judged on for the month of March. "The Butcher's Mother" is the category of Metal, "The Open Door" in the category of Instrumental, and "A. Supertramp" in the category of Rock. For those unfamiliar with, it's a superb website to hear independent music of any genre. They have a category for every musical taste... I would encourage anyone that is a music lover to check it out....
Angelika and Demons
Who is there, inside my mind?: Well, already second teacher of vocals is a little shocked with my singing! She explained that when I relax I suddenly change to absolutely another person, very beautiful... French woman! Maybe it is that Angelika from middle ages which comes and sings instead of me? She was French. And do I dream again? For now I find - The Phantom of the Opera is there, Inside my mind...
Angelika and Demons
Live band!: December 14 - live band was created! For conspiracy, it has a little different name and now we learn most part covers (Evanescence, Nightiwsh, Lacuna Coil, etc.) All this now looks like a circus, but I really enjoy being a producer! Though, frankly speaking, most of all I enjoy drive from loud drums and heavy electric guitar. Heavy metal forever!
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