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artist: Sindustry
title: Break
Instrumental collab with Sara Rose. License:
artist: shemale ZERO
title: Hate (v2)
Second more Military version of Hate.
I wrote this for the winter themed song competition over at ReasonTalk. No guitars used. The instruments that
lyrics /vocals written & performed by Bill Johnson aka Leatherface of Tobe Hoopers Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
artist: jhfivetwo
title: F@*kpig
Bitcrushed metal tomfoolery.
Dead Before Born is what you might as well have been if you were a victim of unit 731.
title: Hammerhead
Heavy riffage & big drums! - Instrumental metal/electronica.
title: Descendancy
Song I been working on, needs heavy guitars added and the vocal.... Will be done soon I hope
artist: OdIUM (Swe)
title: WRONG
(w/DRILLER KILLER/SKITSYSTEM members). Industrial / Alternative / Metal (Swe).
artist: Ashtorath
Oh Negative crimson, how thy poureth from an August wound unto a silver platter, of paths rent asunder in the
artist: korbain
a very dark and eerie song. its industrial sounding. made it with fruity loops, mixed samples and stuff. and o
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shaman band
INTERVIEW WITH SHAMAN's MANAGER - TIZIANA HURD: FAN CLUB: How did you become interested in Shaman? TIZIANA HURD: First, thanks very much for this interview regarding SHAMAN. I always loved Shaman, and I have all their discography. Ricardo Confessori contacted me 1 year ago, asking to manage his band and I accepted without problems. FC: Nowadays, Shaman has more name than ever worldwide? Why is that? TH: Because I did a great job! SHAMAN never had before a manager and today to have label supports its not easy, then I promote the band in worldwide in every Radio in network ;;link possible, and all this took me 1 year job, but now S...
FOOL: I?m reeling from the shake up If I?m dreaming and I wake up Can I wake up and find you here? Do you hate me? Am I wanted? I?ll be haunted forever by the memory of your name I try, but can?t stop the tears How I wish that you were here Can?t understand why you?re so cruel You?re a b*** and I?m your fool Yeah, I?m crying And it?s raining You won?t stop complaining And I won?t leave you alone I try, but can?t dry the tears How I wish that you were here Can?t understand why you?re so cruel You?re a b*** and I?m your fool...
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