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'BY DEMONS BE DRIVEN' guitarist, Justin Catrow, doing a cover of the 'ARCH ENEMY' song 'Marching On A Dead End
New Mix: 1/14/08 - Bass was a little too hot.
title: Redneck/LoG
Lamb Of God cover. I made the bass and drum track from midi and did the guitars and vocals.
Party like a rockstar - shop boys metal cover vocals later..
A song that I'm working on and needs a little work.
artist: deathawaits
title: atrocity
heavy cover of cold black days
artist: Hellion666
title: Ravenous
Arch Enemy cover
artist: Rya1
A song by Bodom for a change?
artist: Jorge Salo
My attempt at one of my favourite Metallica's song. All instruments and vocals: Jorge Salomon
artist: STUFF44
M.Manson Cover
artist: Faiq
Cover song
artist: David Johan
title: The Long One
First song i ever wrote!
artist: Sani
title: Only Time
Enya,woman with the most beautyful is a little cover,I played everything on the guitar :)
title: Superstition
Industrial Metal Remix of Stevie Wonder's Superstitous
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Hip Hop
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Black Shamrock Music
Auditions: In the interest of touring to support the next CD (tentative release date 10/31/09), we're auditioning bassists and drummers with whom to record said CD. This is easier said than done - there seems to be a dearth of skilled drummers in this city. You can find posers, wannabees, and amateurs by the thousands, but try finding one guy who can play anything from 70's funk to modern Death Metal and you've got your work cut out for you. If or when this guy is found, odds are he's either an asshole or committed to another project full-time. Really hoping we stumble upon a woodshedding Genius o' t...
Check out my band, "BY DEMONS BE DRIVEN"!!!: We're a metal band from Martinsburg,WV. We've been at it since 2006 and we're in discussions right now to possibly get our debut EP released on a national level! Check us out on Myspace at: where you can hear our debut EP and purchase mp3's of the album or individual tracks. Also check us out on at: where you can hear MANY more tunes including demos, cover songs, and other miscellaneous tracks as well as purchase our EP and mp3's....
dirty ass
Our bassist leave the band: Our bassist Kimmo has decided leave the band. F*** . It sucks, but we hopefully got new bassist soon, we know someone, who might be interested....
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