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This one is a fairly heavy/dark metal song. I wanted to focus more on riffs and show some of my darker influen
artist: CRANG
title: Asswiper
sh** MAN has gotten into trouble. He has gone for an emergency sh** on one of dimension X's portals. What will
artist: Echidna
title: Whispers
Track taken from upcoming debut album, Manifests of Human Existence
"Your gonna eat your babies" says Fred Phelps.
after two or three versions, this was the final mix he sent
artist: litrtrdnck
HWY1 Start- AD15VT- Stock Fender Atomic humbucker
artist: Kratornas
Death to those who disbelieved... THAT MEANS YOU!!
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Angelika and Demons
WANTED: Today have seen the movie directed by Russian-American filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov, action with Angelina Jolie. Really enjoyed it, Timur is very talented, and Angelina is great and beautiful like usually and even better. Much in common with Matrix and Mr and Mrs Smith. Very good effects. Especially I liked the event with a train falling into abyss.
Death; A Happy Story.: Once Upon A Time, there lived a princess, and her handsome prince. They were madly in love, and promised not to part. One day, the prince went away..... fought in a war.....never to return.... the princess was inconsolable. full of rage, and heartbreak. she dealt with the pain as long as possible, until, the ghost of her love, whispered.... "remember my love.... we are never to part....." With a final kiss, and a sweet smile, he faded away.... In that instant, the torture became unbearable. the princess cried....and grabbed a rope..... With her final act, the p...
Angelika and Demons
Interview with the Vampire: Have watched "Interview with the Vampire". Masterpiece. Very dramatic movie. Vampires are so real, and every of them has his personal tragedy. Especially the girl which can't become adult. Unexpected finale with the journalist. Sure he will be a vampire too.
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