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title: ~SUNRISE~
Darkness and then ....the sun begins to rise...
this song is composed by joan sebastian & oskar christian , such as arranged, played produced by oskar christi
artist: Rat City
title: Latin Circus
Yo this is for Nate Dawg and Monsoon spit sum shit upon.
artist: 2Minds1Soul
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Ranchera mexicana ยท Acacia Alvarado
The iProducers
Instrumentals :: Beats General
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oskar christian
oskar christian: Oskar Christian is a composer, author, arranger and plays his own melodies from different multiethnics. His melodies are inspired by different cultures and countries. So far this music became its own and unique style. He lived in more than 40 countries and around the world. The guitar-player who used to play in Spain ( among gypsies, virtuosos), Mexico ( Trios & Mariachi) fuses different styles with different musicians, from many countries arround the world such as austria, france, mexico, spain, hungary, tunis, senegal, cuba, usa and italy etc. His style starts with flamenc...
Area 51 MuZiik
Nuevo temas Coming Soon:: Nuevo temas Coming Soon: -Me Estas Tentando Mas -Pierdo El Control -Gata Transformer -Voodoo Queen
Claes Norden
March, 2010 - New release: "Drizzly Beats": . I have written but a few pieces I can call genuin classic guitar compositions, and one of them is "Drizzly". When I then build an arrangement around such a work, like i have done now, calling the result "Drizzly Beats", it becomes obvious how much more complex and diverse classic music really is compared with pop or jazz composition, even thoug the end product can sound quite straight forward "pop" or "jazz"....
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