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Amare Profondamente' Latin for to fall in love with.....or to love deeply
title: Ele-Boo
fine latin elevator backer from offshore angler for LPF, 2 Pauls, 2 Sets of Kloppmann PAF&P90
artist: Legran
'Brazil' 2008©Legran ISWC T-0425394804 (Authorized Version). Arranged & Composed by RamonT Berenguer for 'LATI
artist: Maurizio
Latin instrumental. Guitar with band.
title: desafinado
Thought I,d have a bash at this
artist: Markku
and now for something completely different, a samba on my nylon string guitar
Very Fun and Catchy Caribbean Samba! DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!
artist: Graeme Jaye
title: WIP 6
This is a work in progress. Currently, this is the instrumental demo version. I'm working on the lyrics and
artist: Dale Veach
Sometimes we all forget just what really counts
Jammin' on some Samba-Reggae beats... Olodum-style, live at Cozmic Pizza, Eugene, OR.
artist: German Bense
Para toda a gente violenta que possa sentirse identificada
Instrumentals :: Gangsta
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Claes Norden
March, 2010 - New release: "Drizzly Beats": . I have written but a few pieces I can call genuin classic guitar compositions, and one of them is "Drizzly". When I then build an arrangement around such a work, like i have done now, calling the result "Drizzly Beats", it becomes obvious how much more complex and diverse classic music really is compared with pop or jazz composition, even thoug the end product can sound quite straight forward "pop" or "jazz"....
Claes Norden
Frank Tanton: Here's some music and a musician/artist/composer that I really envy. This is joy, energy, variety and soft feelings at the same time. Much here to learn from! Frank's artist page
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