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A beautiful smooth jazz piece written by Tesha Blue of the Tascam Forums. Electric guitar is by Tim Cox
title: Space Trane
Tribute to John Coltrane Jazz Master
artist: Evan Paul
title: Ripples
CD: "Spirits in the Sky" "We see them in the water, we feel them in our lives". Classical guitars with 12 str
artist: Mr Grant
title: IWALU
How do you say "I love you"... IWALU = I will ALWAYS love you
artist: Cosmos II
Analogy between the new year and a siren of ancient myth. As the new year begins, we are enticed by it. Althou
This song, emoting hope and recovery, was inspired by the great poem IVY COURT BLUES by Kristen Zory King; and
artist: D E Farmer
Companion song to "Pathway to Paradise"
Cut #1: "Back In My Arms", from the Third 'Norm Alperson' Album, 'One Dark Forever' - Up-beat, Melodic Smooth
Cut# 1: "Can't Help But Love You" - Melodic Smooth Jazz cut from the Twenty-Seventh Michael Lee Thomas Album,
title: BUS RIDE
Mathematically some bus ride,huh...?....I wrote this song, arranged, hand played all keyboard parts, and sang
A song dedicated to my wife, Liz who makes each day beautiful.
artist: Aljot
Dla Kubusia, ktory swobodnie biega po psim niebie.
Adventurous Smooth Jazz cut with New Age Textures. Electric Latin percussion & 8-String Fretless Bass drive. A
artist: krysh
a small jazzy tune rough and dirty recorded.
featuring Terry Silverlight/drums, Will Lee/bass, Mike Ricchiuti/piano, David Mann/sax, Chuck Loeb/guitar
title: Dawn Dream
Pleasant dreams often occur at dawn in the moments before waking. A WX5 recording and rendered by Chris Hein
artist: GMANgerald
Bassist GMAN has released another Hypnotic Groove Moving Track! "The GrOOven U" Smooth Jazz, Cool Jazz,Cool Fu
artist: Ascenzion
Straight from my jazz lite funk portal. Bounce 3x.
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Bobby Bizar
Beats General
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Free The Spirits"
Spiritual Jazz
bass over forty
Selah: Music has always been my voice...my lyrics are my lifestories...simple but true...I love being in Love...Love is my favorite part of living...I'm a slave to the feeling....So as I start working on my first CD....I can't help but wonder, do we need another tribute to Love?...Yes I do.... Coming soon 2011....."Moments" I'm going back to a cozy place called Third Story Recording studio in Philadelphia.... Where I can turn the lights down low and create. The musicians are a combination of session and street players. So that's the future... The here and now is finishing my colla...
Solid E
Beat Me: she pulled up outside in the five hundred series beamer a corporate America walk no ring on her finger with a Coach handbag fully insured and a pair of Jimmi Chu's cost mo' than my mixin' board big full lips the color of hemoglobin and an ass that said put yo' bread in my oven from her Victoria Secret silk lace bra pulled out a wad of cash that could choke a horse a classy lil' chick raised in the ghetto with sculpted legs held up by stillettos quit her day job emptied her bank account into this rap game she decided to bounce strolled into the room where my freaks get ...
Solid E
Tear My Clothes Off Tonight: her hands won't keep still she's all over me my hot oil massage has her eager to please my new way of thinkin' brings a sparkle to her eyes the answer to this question has changed our very lives what can I do to make my baby wanna' tear my clothes off tonight I used to work all day sometimes the weekend to when she wanted to have some fun I'd say no there's work to do now we go out dancing to dinner and a show this new attitude makes me love her more and more (repeat chorus) that Don Perignon has gone to her head she grabs me by the collar and drags me to bed l...
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