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artist: Evan Paul
Mike Milillo-Tenor Sax, Jamie Dubberly-Trombone, Doug Wright-piano, and Evan Paul-guitars, drums, bass and com
title: Supernova
Part of Big Sky CD, but leads into the next phase, Wormhole CD. Heavy, trippy spacey jazz.
A relaxed paced ballad
Some Jazz/Rock/Fusion from Swampman and I. Taking a moment to pay it forward, enjoy the free download!
Big grooves, vintage amps, and having some fun.....
artist: Tom King
title: Online Lover
A Beautiful Mix Of Drums,Guitars,and Piano Sounds.
One of my best pieces - Yeah, do the tiel walk ;-) Best chart positions: # 8 in Jazz Charts, # 2 in Jazz Fus
Shuffle that keeps shuffling
title: Just Play It
Instrumental version of a song I wrote entitled "Jamaica". Put on your dancing shoes.
artist: Glennbo
title: Blockchain
(Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards - Glennbo) (Keyboards, Guitars, Solos - Polymod)
title: Sea of Power
Cut #9: "Sea of Power", from the Third 'Norm Alperson' Album, 'One Dark Forever' - Complex Jazz Fusion cut wit
Cut# 1: "Apparently Random" - Driving and Melodic Syncopated Smooth Fusion Jazz cut from the Twenty-Sixth Mich
artist: Klaatu (CT)
The music in touristic plan.
artist: GMANgerald
title: Island Girl
"Island Girl"Jazz/Rock Fusion,Jazz Blues,Smooth Jazz.Dedicated to GMANgerald's Mom,(Mary L.Smith 1936-2017).GM
artist: Carlo D'Anna
She was disqualified from the Bedouin Camel Beauty pageant and sent out to the desert in shame. But she is sti
artist: Loren
title: Begining
jazz fusion with elecronic and acoustic blend
artist: Dyalock
title: Why on Earth
A song for the Jazz Fusion challenge in the Clickers Club. I have never played Jazz or Fusion, so I have no id
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Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Free The Spirits"
Spiritual Jazz
Da Music Maker: Music ,Art ,Vedio making is some thing that I enjoy doing.And thank you all for come to check out the works of me and the rest of the SoundClick community.Go my links page and you can fine links to some talant playin' in the SoundClick community.I also enjoy help promting the artist in SoundClick using my station.With nthis kindof promotion only some good could happen for some in the commmunity.Good Luck SoundClick Artist....
my space: i,m also on myspace as well please visit me there its http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=192203440
Piergiorgio Lucidi
Festa della Musica on Second Life - 21 June 2007: Piergiorgio Lucidi live at Festa della Musica 2007 on Second Life
Address (SLurl): http://slurl.com/secondlife/experience/212/91/31 Hour : 21:00 (Italian time zone)Ticket price : FREE

On 21 June starting at 9pm, the stage of Festa della Musica on Second Life, situated at this SLurl:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/experience/212/91/31  I will perform with my virtual self, Pier Lusch, in the famous virtual world, celebrating the Summer Solstice with other musicians. You only need to create an avatar on Second Life and see you at the stage!
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