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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Forever Yours"
Dedicated To Loved Ones
Great new song: Napoleon Blownaparte have just put out a new song in time for the summer,Reggae rhythm and great lyrics.
tom king
Time Is Running Out: Hello my Soundclick Friends and Fans. I got up this morning ,turned on the TV and I got so depressed. Storms,Wars,Killings,Kidnappings,robberries,What a mess.We live on a beautiful planet that God gave us.some people make the planet seem bad.I know you have notice the Srorms that are leaving a path of destruction across our Country. I hate to say I told you so.This Is not natural.I've told you before In my recent Blogs.God Is Angry.We have to stop the hate or It will be to late.We have to Love each other help people In need.. It's not to late to change things but time Is running out. Think abo...
Reviewing on soundclick note to self: Yeah reviewing some tracks on this board: http://board.soundclick.com/viewtopic.php?p=1635603 Here is a note to self to look to when in need of inspiration. When reviewing tracks here are a few things that would help tell as much about the writer (me) as what the writer feels about the artist. 1 what scene the track belongs to. 2 Imagine what it could do to revolutionise its scene 3 Why it isnt in the scene in a mainstream sense? 4 Its distinctive sound that you relate to 5 Is there a voice in the lyrics? And while writing on these points though not all in each ...
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